Review: Baltimore - The Inquisitor #1

Baltimore The Inquisitor CoverThe previous outings of Lord Baltimore, the World War One era monster fighter, have earned high marks from me for their captivating art and adept storytelling.  This issue does not disappoint, as well. Taking place in 1917, “The Inquisitor” opens with Lord Baltimore getting a letter hand delivered.  Then things shift to Hodge, detained in a cell in Austria-Hungary.  His captors see the prisoner as tainted, and interrogate Hodge about Baltimore.  We then find out the guard asking all the questions is the titular Inquisitor, a man raised by the church to exorcise evil.  His mentor, Father Corin, fell victim to the vampire plague.  The Inquisitor’s back story gets interrupted by an attack from a woman vowing revenge for her grandmother.  The Inquisitor ends the interrogation and lets Hodge go.  Hodge warns Lord Baltimore of the man’s interests and motivations.  We end with Lord Baltimore prepping for his next monstrous encounter.

I have grown to like Mike Mignola’s artwork through this series.  Hellboy’s pencils never inspired me as much as the mood evoked through shadowing in the Baltimore series. What I like best is that Mignola carefully constructs the world of Lord Baltimore piece by piece.  His set up of future plot points does not disappoint.  In this book, Baltimore and the Inquisitor never cross paths; however, I enjoyed the set up so much that I eagerly await the time when that happens.  Additionally, the time period makes for such an engrossing setting.

Although not as well known as Hellboy, Lord Baltimore does have my vote for Mignola’s best work.  If you like storytelling, you will be entertained by the Baltimore series, including “The Inquisitor”.

Score: 4/5

Writers: Mike Mignola and Christopher Golden

Artist: Ben Stenbeck

Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

Price: $3.99

Release Date: 6/19/13