Review: Ben 10 #2

Whew. I was scared that Ben 10 would not continue from issue #1’s story, and we would jump around in this less than satisfying world. But be it known that Ben 10 steps in right where we left off. Kids need cohesive story lines as well. A refresher for those of you who didn’t catch up with #1 includes Ben on a cruise ship running into a mermaid named Lorelai. Pretty much that is all you need to know.  Lorelai is a mystery and of course any teenage boy loves mysteries. So Ben chases after her turning into a pisces he calls Ripjaws, which is a sweet name. There are tons of comics I can see adults and kids enjoying, especially reading the comics as a family. But Ben 10 isn’t one of those. I see this comic strictly as child’s play. It is a fun comic, but I wouldn’t pick it up for the pure children's aspect. I will definitely rate this comic from my child-like brain waves. OK here we go.

Ben10_02-pr_Page_1I like all the bright colors with this comic. I always compare this comic with TMNT: Animated Adventures, and I think TMNT has the better color. Everything just really pops out with the action. Ben 10 is slower, but I think this is due to the fact that Ben is always morphing characters. What I do love is how the setting is based in the sea. I feel as if I don’t read a lot of comics that are based underwater or at sea. Maybe I should. Anyway, the mermaid element adds something different, so kids will certainly dig that.

I also think the characters are lacking some. Now I know this is probably just me not knowing enough about Ben 10, so I will give the comic the benefit of the doubt and conclude that most kids know what each character’s role is in the series. So far, Ben and Lorelai have come out well, but Ben’s team is confusing to a non-Ben 10 watcher. I don’t know how long Lorelai will last though. She decides to take Ben and his crew for an introduction to her crew. Her vessel, Terrapisciss, is underwater. Again, very cool. Both are here to protect the people, but Lorelai’s leader seems very sketchy. Max also seems to have his eye on her.

But both groups face a bigger threat; Ssserpent. This snake dude has a snake’s head and Fabio's body. It is quite amazing and also not someone to mess with. I believe the crews will come together in order to take down these slithering serpents seizing the seas. But again, I also think Terrapisciss has something to hide. I just hope Lorelai isn’t involved with all this madness.

Score: 3/5

Writer: Jason Henderson Artist: Gordon Purcell Publisher: IDW Publishing Price: $3.99 Release Date: 12/18/13