Review: Ben 10 #4

I love how Ben 10 is like an engineering comic. This boy is super creative and when I was kid, I loved seeing heroes push their creativity instead of their pure strength to get the job done. I appreciate having cartoons that allow these kids a more creative outlet. So I would totally recommend this comic for children. Not only is it fun to read, but kids will be reading this comic not even knowing that they are reading. The best of both worlds in my opinion. Ben is still after the Ssserpent! This dude is one mean snake and like all villains is seeking to control a larger area, the ocean. Ben has a new crew under his rule. This includes Lorelai and her other mermaid friends. The Queen of this underwater colony was taken hostage by Serpent. It is now the job of Ben and his newly developed crew to reclaim the Queen and stop these snakes from destroying the ocean. I have said this a thousand times, but this Queen freaks me out. I feel like there is something she is not telling us. I wonder if the kid readers suspect this as well.

Ben10_04-coverAI love how the comic brings these two worlds from land to sea. The understanding of the two worlds definitely has some undertones of how children should learn to understand other cultures and fight for the good of all people...mermaid or not. Lorelai is at the heart of it all. Ben and Lorelai make a great team and again show respect for each other’s differences.

Anyway, when Ben discovers that the Serpent’s hideout is just a sham, he quickly must come up with a plan to save the city. Again, I just love how Ben is this little engineer. It shows kids that they can use this power tool to solve problems. It is called a mind.

The comic has some higher vocabulary for kids to read and will certainly make them science savvy when it comes to understanding the subject. But along with some education, the comic is just plain fun. Ben 10 has got tons of action. The visuals are fun to see unfold. Not every detail has to be taken so seriously, so it allows for the writers for some fun… like riding whales through the ocean.

All around, I think some good stuff can come from this comic so grab your kids an issue and watch as theirs eyes expand to absorb all that is Ben 10.

Score: 3/5

Writer: Jason Henderson Artist: Gordon Purcell Publisher: IDW Publishing Price: $3.99 Release Date: 2/19/14