Review: Big Trouble in Little China #7

I have to start by saying that Big Trouble in Little China is one of my favorite movies. Yeah, that's right it's in my top 5 (they move around a lot but it's always in there). So when they announced they were making a comic book series in this universe I was both terrified and excited. However 7 issues in I'm no longer worried and continually look forward to seeing the next issue. Miao Yin (or is it Wang Yin now? Are they married now, did the ceremony get that far?) and Egg Shen continue down the midnight road and get attacked by a cloaked figure. They get taken down and then wake up with bags on their heads. Once removed we see the seven faced, absolutely hideous (though if they'd made this comic book as a sequel movie, I would definitely wanted to see her/it on screen), widow. She has Lo Pan's beholder next to her and says she knows who is looking for them.

Big-Trouble-in-Little-China-#7-12.24.14Meanwhile Jack and Wang hit the road again after avoiding the two killers from last issue (which if you didn't read, go get it because it was hilarious). When they stop they are attacked by the 'lords of death' gang. Jack and Wang are joined by some rednecks that like Jacks hair. After lots of action they are stopped by the police and are forced to fight it out in a hog pit. Each side must pick one person to fight for them. Jack is forced into the pit while the biggest guy from the 'lords of death' jumps in of his own accord. Jack comes out victorious, I won't say how, but it's f***ing brilliant and culminates in my favorite line from the movie.

They keep this story chugging along at an awesome pace. This issue has it all, action, humor (this issue made me laugh a lot) and continues the story well. This might be my favorite issue yet. I'm still holding out hope that Jack gets Pete back from Lo Pan.

Score: 4/5

Writer: Eric Powell and John Carpenter Artist: Brian Churilla Colorist: Lisa Moore Publisher: Boom! Studios Price: $3.99 Release Date: 12/24/14 Format: Ongoing, Print/Digital