Review: Bill and Ted Go To Hell #1

The Wyld Stallyns are back baby! They’re slaying in Bill and Ted’s most metal comic yet. Basically, as soon as you add a “Go To Hell” to the title of almost any book, you get my attention. Good ol’ Grim Reaper is battling the arduous game that is 4 in a row right before he heads off to visit the most righteous dudes in the land, who are currently practicing in Bill’s garage. Note to all parents, get yourself a good guy robot version of yourself so they can take care of babies while you ROCK OUT! A possessed Col. Oats shows up and screws with everyone’s day, trying to take Bill and Ted out before they find out his evil plans, which will take Bill and Ted into a trip to a weirder version of hell than the one they saw last time, which was already pretty weird.

BillTedGoToHell_001_Main_PRESSBill and Ted Go To Hell #1 is a fresher story than its comic predecessor. Whereas in Most Triumphant Return, the story relied more heavily on the tropes we know and love from the movies, and it worked well because it successfully reminded the reader that this was an awesome thing you should absolutely be into again. In Go To Hell, Joines seems to be aware of the elements that make Bill and Ted what it is, but doesn’t cram them all, and knows he has 4 full issues to tell his story. The dialogue is very much belonging to this franchise, but it’s kept to the basic, as it is aware that too much of it could become annoying.

I like Bachan’s art a lot more for this story, It’s less cartoony than the last comic and lends itself for a darker, more bizarre path to be taken by the most excellent duo to the depths of the Underworld. but it keeps the lighter tones with Jeremy Lawson’s colors in the mix. The combination makes for a great all ages comic.

Bill and Ted Go To Hell #1 is off to a great start, it shows everything we love about Bill and Ted.. and Elizabeth, and Joanna, and the good guy Robot Bill and Ted, and some righteous history characters, and some not so awesome ones, and the greatest comedian of the generation before ours.

Score: 4/5

Bill and Ted Go To Hell #1 Writer: Brian Joines Artist: Bachan Colorist: Jeremy Lawson Publisher: BOOM! Studios Price: $3.99 Release Date: 2/17/16 Format: Mini-Series; Print/Digital