Review: Bill & Ted Most Triumphant Return #3

Bill and Ted are helping Chuck De Nomolos be more sociable and be more excellent so that he won't grow up to kill them. They use the phone booth to transport him to various time periods to teach him “lessons.” I like that they take him to meet Mr. The Kid (Billy), who didn't like him in the movie. But then as is the fashion they ruin it, by saying he will fake his death and then work in a wild west wedding chapel, HarHarHar. It's another one of those go to jokes that's not funny and doesn't seem true to the characters. I really do like Jerry Gaylord’s artwork (except for Chuck’s mis-proportioned father), with a better story this could be a good book. Unfortunately the story is not as entertaining as I'm sure the creation of it was. I imagine there was lots of discussion along the lines of “and then they could do this .... and that would be really funny.”

Bill-&-Ted-Most-Triumphant-Return-#3-1The side stories are killing me, they break the (movie) reality, not very funny and because of the contrast to the artwork in the first half feel jarring and not as good. This side story shows Bill and Ted accidentally taking a baby dinosaur through time.

The best panel in this issue is when Bill and Ted take Chuck to Woodstock. There's a silhouette of Jimi Hendrix with a big crowd. The detail on the crowd is really nice, I spent a while looking over that. Apart from that there really isn't anything making me want to come back for further issues. Sorry Bill and Ted but this was not Most Triumphant.

Score: 2/5

Bill & Ted Most Triumphant Return #3 Writer: Brian Lynch; Adam P. Knave & DJ Kirkbridge Artist: Jerry Gaylord; Wook Jin Clark Colorist: Whitney Cogar Publisher: BOOM! Studios Price: $3.99 Release Date: 5/13/15 Format: Mini-Series; Print/Digital