Review: Bloodhound: Crowbar Medicine #2 (of 5)

Travis Clevenger is such a relatable guy. It is so hard to hate this comic when our lead is done so perfectly well. Clev has typical issues, going to jail, losing his friends, an attitude problem. Of course this is all wrapped up in a sensible guy who is just trying to do what is right. He is so reasonable in every situation that you can’t help but think of yourself. I would suggest this comic to just about anyone. It has all that cop drama without the ridiculously overdone cop character. Clev doesn’t have it all, and searching down superhumans is about the only thing he succeeds at. Again his failing life is what puts you his shoes right away. Our first issue left us with a commercial about Dr. Morgenstern telling the public about a new product that gives ordinary humans superpowers. His pitch; there are crazy fuckers out there, so become crazy yourself so you can protect your loved ones. About as dumb as they come, but of course these people are eating this shit up.

This is where we get introduced in this issue to a couple new players. Our first is Perry. He is a principal that just wants powers to protect his students. He and his wife have thought long and hard about it and agree Perry could do some good with these powers. It all seems so innocent, even the way Perry is drawn makes him look about as harmless as a fly. And as we know it is always the normal people who are the most crazy.

Bloodhound Crowbar Medicine #2 CoverOur next character doesn’t really have a name. See Clev is hired by the Government to stop Morgenstern. Clev’s partner, Saffron, is the gal that convinces Clev to take on the job. Clev reluctantly accepts. I think he is truly interested in the case and wants to protect his family the best way he knows how by being totally unselfish and taking the job. We still don’t know exactly what happened to Clev in the past; we just know who he is now. OK back to our new guy. So Clev and Saffron are digging through Morgenstern’s old whereabouts when they run into something; a superhuman. Only this superhuman wears a get-up. He claims to be one of the good guys, but like every reader is thinking, then why hide?

Sounds to me that we are meeting some key new players. We haven’t gotten a huge exposure to the superhumans yet, so I am think Perry will take on that role. We also don’t know how this stuff works or the side effects; again Perry’s role. Our new superhuman in a mask will be different since Clev is so out there. He is a good guy, but so not a mask type of person. The differences in characters will be weird to see unfold.

Score: 3/5

Writer: Dan Jolley Artist: Leonard Kirk Publisher: Dark Horse Comics Price: $3.99 Release Date: 11/13/13