Review: Bloodhound: Crowbar Medicine #3 (of 5)

If you haven’t fallen for Bloodhound- Crowbar Medicine’s brute strength then be prepared to fall for its compassion in this latest issue. No really; it was compassion that drove this issue. It was sweet, but don't be turned off, because this issue had the highest voltage yet. Clev met Terminus last issue. Terminus is probably some sort of superhuman gone wrong. He is out for Dr. Morgenstern's blood. He will probably end up having a bigger part, since Clev tries to fight his boss defending Terminus’ actions. Bell is right by Clev’s side on this. For this issue, we don’t see Terminus though. I hate when big government officials take over. Clev gets fired from his current position for mouthing off. This is only one way in which I relate to Clev. (Well I quit before they had the chance, but same difference.) Now I will be upfront in saying that no major plot happens in this issue. And you can’t even consider the end a huge shift, because next issue we will no doubt start right where we left off. In saying that, I think this issue is not one to miss. The panels where Clev is working out, as the TV is playing the latest news on Dr. Morgenstern is such an awesome sequence. Boring; probably, but the panels captured me from then on. It was like a Rocky training moment. The TV adds in some political concerns about this power drug. I love how they add this part. It isn’t a huge part, but it is what everyone would be talking about. So it was nice to see this superhuman idea on the small-scale with Clev and on the big scale with the world. Clev then needs to cool down, and heads over to his sister-in-law’s house. I find this to be the sweet part. Clev tries to be so hard, but is just a softie (Don’t tell him I said that).

Bloodhound - Crowbar Medicine #3 CoverWe catch up with Perry. Remember he is the dude that Dr. Morgenstern just changed into a superhuman. We get to see what Perry is made of. I have no doubt we will see Perry abuse his powers, like I think most people will. Clearly, he will run into Clev and Bell. We also get to see a little inside Bell’s life which was cool. It is only fair that she get some spotlight, since Clev has gotten all the personal light so far. I feel something between Clev and Bell. I don’t know if it is a “thing thing”, but it is something.

So far, I have enjoyed reading this comic. I thought I couldn’t get into another meathead like Clev, but Bloodhound gives this meathead class. The comic just really has the best of both worlds. Classic action tied together with some sympathy for the human race.

Score: 4/5

Writer: Dan Jolley Artist: Leonard Kirk Publisher: Dark Horse Comics Price: $3.99 Release Date: 12/11/13