Review: Bloodhound: Crowbar Medicine #4

This week our 4th issue of our 5 part series hits the stores. Before the big finale with number 5, comics can go two ways; up and have a great building of anticipation, or down and be lackluster. I was excited to see where Bloodhound would take us this week thinking the action would be packed. We left with such suspense last issue when Clev’s niece is found between crossfire of a new superhuman, Perry Colvin. This man acquired his superpowers from Dr. Morgenstern because as a principal, he felt it was his duty to protect his students. Can’t say I blame the guy. I think the comic takes a very real look at how our government would react and their participation in obtaining superpowers. Although our real focus is on Clev, you can’t help but notice what this town turns into after Morgenstern picks his candidates.

Anyway, the comic opens with not the ending of Colvin’s story but instead with a news bulletin on the event. This was weird considering that you were expected some high action with Clev. We only learn of the deaths but no specific names. So bottom line, this delivery doesn’t answer all of our questions of how the battle went down. Clev, meanwhile, is getting a new look. It is drastic but still fits his style. Although I will miss those goldie locks that flowed so nicely across his face. Saffron meets up with him, and they ultimately decide to hunt down Morgenstern with or without the Bureau. Ya know sometimes it is hard to believe that this chick and bigger than life dude are going to take on Morgenstern when he probably has superhumans protecting him, but then again Clev is one big dude and Saffron is one tough babe.

Bloodhound - Crowbar Medicine #4 CoverBut first, the gang most do some background checks on Morgenstern. Clev thinks that there is something more to this dude especially since his wife and child passed away. Just like every other government corporation, Clev and Saffron find news that their deaths were covered up by one of these agencies. The whole issue is a tad slow. It is a lot of round-a-bout talking going on. I get this whole series isn’t about the action but the substance of which they are talking is slow-moving.

Towards the end we get into a battle between Clev and Saffron against some superhumans. It is cool to see it unfold, but these superhumans don’t really mean anything. Once you read it this will make sense. The whole anticipation of the issue is not developed quite as well I was hoping. I was hoping for some confrontation with Morgenstern or the agencies. So the 4th installment of this series left me high and dry. Hopefully for the last issue, we can get down and dirty with Clev and Morgenstern. It should lead to some discoveries and maybe even Clev siding with the Doctor.

Score: 3/5

Writer: Dan Jolley Artist: Leonard Kirk Publisher: Dark Horse Comics Price: $3.99 Release Date: 1/29/14