Review: Bloodhound - Crowbar Medicine #5

Ok so it took me a whole two issues to decide that I liked Clev’s long hair better than his bald head. Although I think the comic was saying something with getting rid of his hair. Before he had something to hold on to. His daughter, his career, and maybe even starting to get these things back. With the new baldness he has lost all of himself again. When I said this comic is an emotional look into human life, I wasn’t joking. This last issue of the series really gave some full on emotional strides throughout. The whole comic rides on these feelings to take you through the story. Last time we left off, the comic lead up to some serious suspense. Terminus comes out of the wood works to meet up with Saffron and Clev. I think we can all say that the comic did a great job of building the anticipation for the Clev and Morgenstern showdown. The premonition of having Clev loose his daughter, his job, and essentially his life was going to give a fight no one could believe. That is exactly how the showdown goes as well. Terminus and Saffron become very insignificant when Clev takes to the field.

BLOODHOUND CROWBAR MEDICINE #5 CoverI love Terminus though. I hope they expand on his character more. We learn some things about him, but not enough. I mean who is this dude? Where did he get his powers from? I think that could lead to some interesting discoveries. Not that Terminus is Clev’s cup of tea, but somehow they make a good team. He has all the tricks while Clev just has the pure heart of it all. Saffron adds the female flavor, so I would love to see these three come back.

Anyway, the group heads into the lab where they know Morgenstern is hiding out. This dude seems like a coward always hiding behind some super human. It was pretty obvious what Morgenstern’s ultimate plan was, so I liked how the comic didn’t take a huge ordeal in revealing it. I thought when reading the first issue, the series revolved around these super humans, but really the comic revolves around Clev.  Morgenstern’s story and quest was just a roundabout way of getting Clev to open up as a character. He is a great lead and still has more to give his readers. Even Saffron could give us an interesting story with her life. It seems she has the same trouble with her personal side of things.

The story ended but the characters didn’t. I am sure they will come back with a big splash too. Overall, this installment gave a great story following Clev. I think it also set up some good future stories for Dark Horse.

Score: 4/5

Writer: Dan Jolley Artist: Leonard Kirk Publisher: Dark Horse Comics Price: $3.99 Release Date: 3/26/14