Review: Bloodshot #13

Bloodshot isn’t your average hero and I wouldn’t call him too much of an anti-hero either. I would say he is just badass and deeper than a soldier who can regenerate with a lost memory. It hasn’t been a disappointment picking this book back up after not reading it for the last 6 or 7 issues, that’s for sure. We open up with a soldiers arm blown off and wrapped head to toe in bandages. As we cut to memories of Bloodshot sitting in his back yard at a BBQ with his family. These are the times he hopes for, but he knows it’s all a lie and he’s coming back to reality where he has lost everything. In reality Bloodshot, Kara and the kids sit outside Vegas loading back in to the “van” after the last ambush.  Right before Kara and Bloodshot get in the truck he gives her some coordinates for a restart she may need if things get bad.

An army waits for the kids and their rescuers. Bloodshot just asks for a rifle. The Renegades join the battle because an army isn’t enough to take down Bloodshot. All he is doing is trying to save some kids from Harada’s control. Each of the Renegades takes their shot but nothing is slowing Bloodshot down. All Kara and the kids can do is watch. With one look Bloodshot sends a message to Kara that it is time for her to go. He thinks to himself he can now be himself and go all out when he faces Harada.

BS_013_COVER_BULLOCKThis story shines mainly because of the art which makes the action flow and the colors jump out. They make the dream memory sequence standout so you know where you are without getting lost or confused. Every little detail just stands out. You can feel the heat of the fire, the bullets going through you and everything Bloodshot goes through during battle.

That’s why I find this interesting. In every story I have read they take him and just rip him to shreds, but he always comes back with even more fire in his belly.  The depth is in his character, he maybe a killer and soldier, but he’s driven and has heart that makes him likable. It also shows his weakness and not just completely inhuman and immortal. This story also sets up nicely for the next chapter and leaves the reader wanting more. I was lucky enough to get some back issues lent to me to catch up. It also leaves some questions open, but totally worth it.

If you haven’t picked up a Valiant comic yet you are in for a treat. Every issue I have picked up has been great. Bloodshot is a great book and great story. This also opens up as a great prelude to Bloodshot’s next chapter in his life. The summer of Valiant Two keeps going.

Score: 4/5

Writer: Duane Swierczynski

Artist: Barry Kitson

Publisher: Valiant Comics

Price: $3.99

Release Date: 7/24/13