Review: Bloodshot and H.A.R.D. Corps #22

I’ve been waiting for this issue since Bloodshot and the HARD Corps joined forces. There is just hatred from Bloodshot for Project Rising Spirit and the Corps is just their pawns. If you didn’t catch it in previous titles Bloodshot no longer needs Project Rising to repair his nanties, so I say let the battle and bloodshed begin. Bloodshot is talking to Genius after the last battle and he realizes something is wrong with Genius. Genius is starting the downslide of the implant.  He was electrocuted by Archer and his wires haven’t been quite right since. His mental capacity and skill is going back to being his dumb old self and he knows he only has a few battles left. The real issue is he thinks he will lose Flatline his new love. As Bloodshot leaves the room the explosive in the implant blows and Genius is no more. Of course a guard has to see what happens and the hunt for Bloodshot is on. Of course in typical Bloodshot action he gets away. He is injured and needs protein for the nanties to rebuild him.

BSHC_022_COVER_A_LAROSAKozol has shown this to the corps members and Flatline is ready for revenge. The problem is they have to re-encrypt the firewall to the implants so Bloodshot’s nanties don’t have easy access. Kozol informs the team that the procedure should give them 48 hrs from contact to take out their target.  In reality they have 90 minutes top. Flatline is all onboard since her love is dead and has her own plans.

I’ve been waiting for this issue because it’s Palmers past being replaced by Bloodshot and Bloodshot’s hatred for Project Rising Spirit coming to a head. The story is actually interesting and full throttle which has lacked in area since the Hard Corps have been introduced.  Now we have finally gotten somewhere that I was hoping to happen with the crossover. This issue isn’t in depth but is what some Bloodshot fans were waiting for and can’t wait for more action to come. The art is good as usually but there is one thing that kinda irks me is that Bloodshot’s eye are bloodshot red now and takes away from his cold hearted appeal.

Pick this book up if you want a starting point on Bloodshot because we are getting back to the core of what he is. This is also a pick for any fan because it’s what some of us were waiting for. I was getting sick of the Bloodshot’s buddy-buddy with the HARD Corps and working for Project Rising Spirit. He lost his appeal of the rogue soldier, but now here comes the action.

Score: 4/5

Writers: Duffy Boudreau and Christos Gage Artist: Al Barrionuevo Publisher: Valiant Comics Price: $3.99 Release Date: 5/14/14 Format: Ongoing, Print/Digital