Review: Boo - The World's Cutest Dog #1

I feel like I have to review this... because I don’t think any of the other bastards would have touched it with a ten-foot pole, and I enjoy reviewing things from time to time that I wouldn’t usually pick up. So, for your enjoyment, here’s my review of Dynamite Entertainment’s Boo - The World’s Cutest Dog #1. God help you all. The issue has three short stories, the first of which is "Boo and the Birthday Bash", written by Kirsten Deacon and Audrey Elizabeth with art by Tony Fleecs. This is probably the worst of the three tales. It's about a little girl who gets Boo the dog for her birthday and gets completely fucking upstaged by him at her birthday party because he's wearing a hoodie and sunglasses. It's all resolved when the dog wheels out a birthday cake and everyone sings happy birthday to her. Apart from the dog. This's not the kind of dog that sings or does anything like that. It has no talent.

Didn't like the art in this one, the dog is bang on but the rest of it looks quite basic. I'm trying not to be too harsh here.

Boo2016-01-Cov-B-GarbowskaThe second story is "One Boo Over The Cuckoo's Nest" a tale of hungry dogs and a sick owner who can't be arsed getting up and feeding them because they have a cold or something. This one is written and drawn by Fernando Ruiz. There's three dogs in this story; Boo, Bluebeary and I'm pretty sure the third isn't named, so without prior knowledge of what these dogs are called, I will call it... Hairy One.

So, Boo, Bluebeary, and Hairy One spend their time trying to get to their food which is up on the counter somewhere and they fail miserably until their lazy/neglectful owner decides to get her arse out of bed and feed them, by which time they've completely fucked the kitchen but the owner somehow doesn't care about that and just buggers off back to bed.

The art is better here, but the story is as brain numbing as the first...

The third and final story is "Boovie Star" by writer Joelle Sellner and artist Rob Robbins. This one probably has the best (or most likeable, should I say) art of the three stories. This one is about Boo auditioning for a movie part. It's got more story to it than the first two tales but I still couldn't get into it. It was missing a key element for me and that was the owner forcing it to audition for the movie in the first place.

Overall, I didn't enjoy the book but I didn't come into it expecting to. It was curiosity more than anything that made me pick this book for review. I didn't know who Boo was before reviewing this, but from the look of things, I think kids (not sure how many of you out there are reading reviews on Comic Bastards) and fans of Boo will like it a lot but regular comic book readers probably won’t... maybe. I don't know. I'm still finding it strange that this dog even has a comic book and I'm wondering what's going to come next...

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Boo - The World’s Cutest Dog #1

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