Review: Bravest Warrior - Annual 2014

Another cute-tastic creation of Pendleton Ward is the Bravest Warriors series. In previous reviews I’ve definitely fangirled over Ward’s work and I’m not ashamed of it; Ward just gets me. Let me expand on who this brilliant mastermind is; Ward is also the creator of the uber famous Adventure Time and The Misadventures of Flapjack. Bravest Warrior has yet to hit Cartoon Network though but you can find mini episodes on youtube. So if you find yourself wanting more of the Ward man then I suggest checking out Bee and Puppycat on youtube as well. So now getting back on topic, in the 2014 Annual of Bravest Warrior, the focus is Catbug. A little ladybug cat hybrid creature, how is that not the cutest species ever? Also why isn’t Catbug real, there’s gotta be a scientist out there that can make an adorable mutation, right? Maybe they just want to keep all the cute to themselves. Rude. Anyways, there are a couple of little stories written by different authors in the annual issue. I love the Annual editions because I get to see another take on the Bravest Warriors’ world. Each story is adorable, creative and full of weird nonsense which pretty much sums up Ward’s style. Even if you have never followed Bravest Warriors or any other Pendleton Ward creation, the Annual issue is always a good place to start so you can get a little taste of what the series is about with one shot mini stories. This annual issue is definitely a five-star.

Bravest Warriors 2014 Annual Cover A

Score: 5/5

Writers: Various Artists: Various Publisher: KaBoom/  Boom Studios Price: $3.99 Release date: 1/29/14