Review: Call of Wonderland #1

I can’t say that I’ve actually read any of the Wonderland series (other than Alice #1) from Zenescope.  It always seemed to be deep into a story line and if I did pick it up I would have no idea what would be going on.  So when the opportunity to review the Call of Wonderland #1, I said yes. Julie Sands is a mousey Lit. major that is heading to the campus library to get some reading done. Before she enters, some college peers attempt to hit on her. She declines and library security, Mike is forced to chase them off.

Once inside Julie meets the Liberian Regina who happens to have a book on H.P. Lovecraft that Julie needs to write her paper. But this is more than just a book; it could be Lovecraft’s personal journal. Excited, Julie is given two hours before the library closes; she eagerly runs to a table and gets started.

call of wonderland 1In the journal, Lovecraft goes on to tell that he’s been having dreams that have been driving him crazy and leaving him restless. He takes to the streets where he is has been drawn to an abandon location. In a room he sees a pair of men who are conducting a ceremony to conjure a demon through a wall. Lovecraft starts to write the horrific events down on paper as things begin to go too far.

Back in the library Julie slams the book in disbelief.  She stuffs the book into her backpack as the lights shut off.  Frightened, she cries out for Mike and Regina. As she makes her way out, tentacles lash out from everywhere chasing after her. Now outside, Julie runs into the same three dorks from earlier. She Tiger Knees one of them in the nuts and keeps running to her dorm. Inside she tries to come to grips on what just took place, when she finds a business card for a tattoo shop inside the book. Meanwhile in Wonderland, The Red Knight gets ready to take on a little old-fashioned vengeance.

Not too shabby there Zenescope with your Call of Wonderland. The two, big take aways from this book were the fact that as a reader you didn’t need to know a thing about the series up until this point. I’m sure it helps, but it didn’t hurt the story that was being told. The interior art looks great and is very consistent. The colors come off a tad bit flat, but that’s just me being picky.

Story wise the Lovecraft angle was so cool that they should just make that its own book. I’m serious, make a Lovecraft book that tells the story of him dealing with all of the horror and demons and shit. That would be awesome, unless someone has all ready created that comic, then if you have... good job and what’s it called?

Score: 3/5

Written: Dan Wickline Artist: Nacho Arranz, Matt Triano Publisher: Zenescope Price: $2.99 Release Date: 5/30/12