Review: Captain Midnight #24

It is with a heavy heart that I report that Captain Midnight, after 24 issues, it has reached its close.  At least for now that is.  Writer Joshua Williamson has carved a pretty wide birth in these 24 issues, filling them with rock’em sock’em action, hard hitting drama, and even some good humor that has equally been matched by the various artists that have assisted in the process. All have been solid and I have thoroughly enjoyed each and every story arc with the best thus far being the last, a killer crossover between pretty much all of the Project Black Sky Universe.  It has been one hell of a run. Issue #24 concludes the series at least for this point in time, as we reach the climatic conclusion of the battle between the good Captain and the Archon, a megalomaniacal aryan baddie with aspirations on molding the world in his and his “Chosen’s” image. Archon has been the threat from the very beginning with Midnight’s earlier enemies working to try to deal with the threat in the way that they thought was best. Through these battles, Jim Albright (aka Captain Midnight) has gathered intel, made developments, and now sits on the edge of oblivion going mono a mono while his allies work to keep the Chosen at bay.

Issue #24 packs a whole lot of punch and it literally ends in a bang…Well actually a couple of bangs.  Both have some serious impact as to how this story goes.  And both help to propel the next level of stories that will follow now that this incarnation has ended. I can’t really say too much over what transpires.  But I can say that there are some surprises, some “yes” moments, and some clues to where we go from here played throughout this issue.  And though I don’t think that this issue offered the completeness of what I was hoping to see.  It did lay out an explosive tapestry and worked to establish the Archon as one serious and true to form villain that I believe will be around in some way shape or form within the future of this series.

Captain-Midnight-#24-1Joshua Williamson has written very few missteps during the whole run.  Everything has been super from start to finish.  And even what I thought to be the worst issue of the bunch, a special “Halloween” story.  Even it introduced a character who has had a strong impression and appears to be set to evolve within the next phase.  It has all been good and I will miss Williamson’s mix of good gritty story bringing back a Golden Age comic book legend with style and sophistication.

And as for the art, I know last month I had made some observations of how I felt about Miguel Sepulveda’s depictions.  Though more brutal and gory than his contemporaries in the series, his work has really brought an adrenaline level that matched Williamson’s writing pace perfectly, syncing in an epic battle and all of its glorious carnage.  Nothing changed from Issue #23 to #24 as the battle sequences are complex, refined, and full of detail that is impressive considering the amount of explosions and simultaneous combat occurring throughout. It flat rocks, making Sepulveda my favorite artist of the series. I can’t wait to see some more of this guy in action. I’m already pulling up New 52 Red Lanterns and StormWatch issues.  I’m a total fan now.

Where things go from here is anybody’s guess.  But with the first 24 issues, a solid and sound template has been laid that puts some pressure on the next person who takes the reigns of Albright and his Secret Squadron.  They most certainly will have their hands full.

And though this individualized issue did not wow me completely. I know that I will miss this title immensely with Williamson at the helm.  Good luck to the future of Project Black Sky.  My most sincere hope is with you.

Score: 3/5

Captain Midnight #24 Writer: Joshua Williamson Artist: Miguel Sepulveda Colorist: Javier Mena Publisher: Dark Horse Comics Price: $2.99 Release Date: 6/24/15 Format: Ongoing; Print/Digital