Review: Charismagic #4

On a whim I picked this up to read it. It was a surprise and quite interesting. I'm not to big into the magic scene and where stories can lead, but this one has two true sides of the coin and the battle between them. To get where we are magical beings are on earth and the humans are in the void, we find that Samsun and his force of witches are facing the wizard Kon. The witches bind Kon and wait for his allies so Samsun can seek his revenge. Outside in the jungles of Costa Rica Sudana and Hank seek out Kon. On their path they run into the Guardians of Kon and find out that have been over powered by Smasun and his allies. Sudana being a druid can see all magic, but the witches have cast a spell to make her blind to their movement and plan.

CHARISMAGIC-04a-RandolphIn the void Hector and Alle have arrived to their destination the flies were taking them to. They find a shaman named Serke who has noticed Hector's tricks and has perceived them as magic. With Hector's fancy talking he convinces Serke to open a portal to Kon but without a thing of Kon he can’t, but they open a portal to Hank. When the portal is open Sudana is speaking to Hank on how he can do more than he can imagine and he is the answer to Samsun.

The story was actually quite interesting in the point that it pits different sides of magic against each other. It is a little predictable but it still presented well and may seem a little long if it keeps moving at this pace. This book builds toward the climax of the story and sets the conflict in full force but starts showing the way out.

The art is very vivid in colors and easily sets the good and evil characters apart. The art is very crisp and clean which I noticed in Aspen titles. The detail is really good too; in the first panel you may recognize a wizard of Lord of Rings fame. Each character flows with each other and interacts well. You see the emotion and power in each character.

This book may not be a game changer but it’s refreshing to what’s out there. A definite recommendation if you enjoy these types of stories. I enjoyed see that its magic set against magic with humans in the middle and not magic against humans. If anything if you enjoy comic art take a look it pretty darn good.

Score: 3/5

Writer: Vince Hernandez Artist: Khary Randolph Publisher: Aspen Comics Price: $2.99 Release: 1/18/2012