Review: Chew #39

What did I just read? Why did it like it? And can I get a second helping? That’s my very first thoughts reading this issue and the first time reading this book. But sometimes you just have to pick up something other people suggest and you need something new. Thanks Erik for your “Comics: Where Do I Start?” article. This issue focuses on one main thing the Gallsaberry and the effects it has. One effect that has on Amelia is a vibrant out of this world story of a detective. But the thing is she also has a special talent; she is a Saboscrivner. She can write about food in such detail you can almost taste it. The detective story, the plant and Tony are all connected. To get it all together Tony’s daughter has to bring it all together. The only thing is she has to break into the FDA. Olivia, Tony's daughter, and Amelia get in pretty easy until they come across the scientists that hold the key to the ingredient they need.

chew39-coverFor the first time reading this book I loved it. Why is because of the good quirky story telling with humor and depth in the story. It’s just down right entertaining. The characters interact naturally and the story flew together so well. The art is just beautiful. I love how the story about the detective that Amelia writes has no dialog, but has so much in it. That one thing about comics I love is that you can tell a story without words.

This is a great book. For my first experience it was great. Sure this issue isn't a pick up right of the shelf because it's in the middle of the story arc, but I know I'm jumping in on the next one.

Score: 4/5

Writer: John Layman Artist: Rob Guillory Publisher: Image Comics Price: $2.99 Release Date: 1/22/14