Review: Chicken Outfit #1

This story has simple base values and starts each of its scenes seemingly normal….A green “mutant” looking guy working on a creating a sex doll cyborg… A guy in a chicken suit having a smoke, pondering life’s cruelty… A bandaged mystic looking for signs within his estate, etc. etc. Ok, maybe it’s not so simple and base, but this labor of love from creators Joe Deagnon and Kirby Stasyna is a delightful concoction of insanity, mayhem, and fun with a little bit of societal technology burnout and possible demonic intervention blended in as well. It is an interesting ride. When I first started reading it, everything seemed so wild.  But the wildness does settle in and you actually forget those visual things after a while as you begin to flow with the plot. Yeah, the guy is green. Yeah, the dude is wearing a chicken suit going about his day-to-day life. Yeah, everything here is a little surreal and bizarre. But it works.  It is an entertaining story.

Chicken Outfit #1 CoverThere are obviously some big things in store for our characters, but Deagnon and Stasyna have opted for a conservative beginning (yeah, I said it) to build on as they evolve their tale which has to potential to be quite entertaining. Also, though the strategy is conservative, the story is anything but.

The art and writing demonstrate the labor of love put in by these two that took them eight years to get it to print. Everything is done with heart and desire and the writing with art blend in nicely to make a good overall comic. As an added bonus, we, the readers get a feel for the entire creative process as we see the sketches, notes, and development of the story we just read afterwards. I think this is a wonderful creative touch that very few comics really tackle too much outside of a couple of pencil sketches here or there. These two show their whole creative process which makes the reader vested, feeling almost like a part of the team.

I wasn’t sure what to expect of Chicken Outfit when I began. But as I finished, I must say that I liked it and a saw method to the mayhem that was presented before me. There is much more to be told from these two and I am looking forward to see more of this wild tale grow.

[su_box title="Score: 4/5" style="glass" box_color="#8955ab" radius="6"]

Writers: Joe Deagnon and Kirby Stasyna
Artist: Joe Deagnon
Price: $5.50 – Print, $2.99 – Digital


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