Review: Chronos Commandos #2

This will be the shortest review ever because you should just go out and buy Titian Comics’ Chronos Commandos and not be reading reviews about it. Why? Because this is some of the most fun I’ve EVER have reading a comic. Sarge is back from his time traveling outing in time to cut loose on some Nazi scum. As the fire fight concludes Einstein informs Sarge that the Axis have made off with Chronosphere core. Once Sarge gets up to speed on the situation he enlists the aid of some new soldiers as Chronos Commandos. They suit up and lock in to their dive pod.

In the past, the group of Nazis that stole the core have crashed landed. The three soldiers are making their way through the jungle landscape. But with one of them wounded, it’s making for slow travel. Meanwhile a second group of Nazi soldiers have arrived in the past and are tracking the core and their comrades.

Chronos_Commandos_02_Cover_web.jpg.size-600Soon Sarge and the boys find the Nazi’s crashed pod and a little gift that was left for them. Between the Nazis and treacherous dangers of the jungle do Sarge and his squad have what it takes to get the job done?

Titian’s Chronos Commandos is hands down one the best comic books out right now. Stuart Jennett has created a fantastic adventure with a classic comic book hero with the Sarge. Unlike other what to be cool guys in comic books, the Sarge says everything right and has the most kick ass action lines ever. He is truly an action icon.

Not only that there are so many “moments” that are simply awesome. Almost too many to name but one that stood out for me was the banter between the Sarge and his boys in their dive pods is perfect. It added to characters. Sure everyone in Sarge’s mini platoon of Chronos Commandos will probably murdered before his eyes but it will look great when it happens because Jennett’s art is also a treat to experience.

So within two issues Chronos Commandos has become one of my favorite reads and Stuart Jennett has become one of my favorite creators.  Buy this book!!!!

Score: 5/5

Writer/Artist/Creator: Stuart Jennett

Publisher: Titan Comics

Price: $3.99

Release Date: 8/14/13