Review: Chronos Commandos: Dawn Patrol #3

Dinosaurs, Nazis, carnage, Einstein and time travel. If one of these things tickles your fancy then you need to read the magic that is Chronos Commandos. Oh and it has one of the most entreating protagonist in comics, the Sarge! Sarge and his Chronos Commandos are back in issue three and they’re doing what they do best; kicking all kinds of ass in the Mesozoic Era! The boys are on the heels of a group of dirt bag Nazis and they have the means to put the war in the favor of the Axis.

In the middle of a Raptor ambush Sarge and the boys do their best to fight their way out of it before they begin to lose too many men. Back at base camp, Einstein has his own problem when he finds out that one of his lab technicians may not be all they appear to be and thus project Watchmaker could be in jeopardy.

Back in the past Bennett, trader and Nazi sympathizer, is making his way through the landscape with the core. While they attempt to evade the dinosaur menace, the two men discover a new threat in massive tarantulas. As Bennett flees he runs into the Sarge and his boys. But with the tarantulas in tow, it forces the men into a cave to fight for their lives.

The thing that I hate most about Chronos Commandos is the fact that it only comes out once a month. Then I find myself getting very upset that it’s only got two more issues left. Then I start to pace all over the room when I think about how all this awesomeness will soon be over. Then I become wide-eyed to the thought of how baller this comic book would be as a movie. I then slowly calm myself down and realize that the uber talented Stuart Jennett can return to this story anytime he wants. That makes me smile and then I dance the dance of the lonely comic fan and celebrate the sweetness that is Titan Comics. So with that, let’s get some high-five in the air everyone, high fives all around.

Score: 5/5

Writer/Artist/Creator: Stuart Jennett Publisher: Titan Comics Price: $3.99 Release Date: 8/14/13