Review: Clone #7

Review by: Sergio Porras Remember that time you gave away the position of all your clones to the evil younger clone and he showed up to the camp with rocket launchers and started blowing the place to pieces? Well what can I say? It happens to the best of us. Clone #7 was full of action, suspense, and of course that amazing art work that brings the whole story together.

Last we saw of Luke he was climbing out of the rubble of what was once a diner where he met a much younger beta clone of himself who turned out to be an evil son of a bitch whose hell bent on the extermination of his clone brothers. Luke try's contacting the base, but it’s apparent that he must have a shitty cell carrier because anytime he tried talking they were unable to understand him. Although Jennifer is unable to understand what Luke is trying to say, she still senses the panic in his voice. While all this is going on, the Vice President is having his own issues back at the camp with his daughter while Luke's father tries to reverse her medically induced coma. They are all completely blind to the fact that there is someone coming to kill them all.

clone07_coverWhile trying to look for another phone to contact the camp, Luke finds paperwork containing where his wife and newborn are being kept, says a small apology to Jennifer for not going to help the clones and takes off after his wife… or does he? Back where Amelia is being kept she escapes from her holding cell, not to find freedom, but to find her baby. All she wanted to do was hold her baby and properly name her, she names her Eva. The Beta clone finds his way to the camp and this is where the issue becomes a blood bath. The beta clone starts picking off the clones and succeeds by killing off the majority. As the issue comes to an end, the day is saved by none other than Luke who was supposed to be going after his wife and daughter. The last page is where writers David Schulner, Aaron Grinsburg, and Wade Mclntyre really hook you in... Let’s just say that assinik disorder always acts up at the most inopportune moments.

I'm starting to become redundant when I talk about Ryp’s artwork, but it truly is that amazing. Ryp has quickly become my favorite artist and with the work he does on Clone, I wouldn't be surprised if this turns out to be some of his most notable work. The art in the action packed pages are guaranteed to floor you with their jaw dropping depictions of violence.

If you love a comic that's in full stride then Clone is most definitely the book for you. There's so much going on that there are no signs of slowing down. It’s a book that is worth investing all your hard-earned dollars in and will one day be a respected part of your personal collection. If you're just now looking to jump on then you've started at the wrong issue. Clone #7 can only be truly appreciated if you've read the first six issues, there's not even a recap page. My advice to you would be to pick up Clone vol.1, which came out this week as well then pick up this and last issue. Now sit back, read the damn series, and wait for news of the inevitable television series or summer blockbuster!

Score: 5/5

Writers: David Schulner, Aaron Grinsburg, Wade Mclntyre Artist: Juan Jose Ryp Publisher: Skybound and Image Comics Price: $2.99 Release Date: 5/29/13