Review: Comic Blitz

Comic Blitz is a fun and very cool way to get your comic fix. The people working on Comic Blitz come across as unapologetically nerdy, and it’s nice to see. The personal touch of the staff blog posts add something I think a site like Comixology can learn from. With that said, it’s not entirely greatness from top to bottom. There is room for improvement, but overall, I want to see where Comic Blitz goes from here. Now, to address the good things about the app, I think it offers what you might not be able to get from other outlets. Along with that, you also have the added, obvious benefit of having another way to get your comics fix on the go and with minimal clutter. In my experience, I ran into some books that I would really like to review. Books from publishers that I may never have stumbled upon otherwise if not for Comic Blitz.

ComicBlitz ExampleThe list of publishers with material on the site/app include:

  • DMC (Darryl Makes Comics)
  • Aspen
  • Bluejuice Comics
  • Silver Dragon Books
  • To see a full list hit the link

Also on the list is fan-favorite publisher Valiant, which brings a huge number of books to the table. Faith, Archer & Armstrong, and X-O Manowar, among many of their marquee series, make the catalog. For the Valiant fan, in particular, a subscription to Comic Blitz has a lot to offer. Otherwise, you may find your picks limited, if you’re not interested in trying a lot of new things.

In addition, the site, while solid in construction, can come across as bland, though this is hardly the only site with this problem, as even some larger sites can come across with bland outlooks. In the beginning, it’s to be expected and fine, but I hope to see some more eye-catching design as time goes on.

The site also gives off the inclination that they want feedback from fans. They want to know what kind of readers are coming and visiting. There seems to be a real effort being made to learn what they can do to make your experience even better. I like that because the idea that a solid project is working on making itself better and improving is what I think even the larger, similar sites can learn from.

The digital comics market is always growing. Everyone wants to be the next Comixology. However, similar to the comic market itself, there’s always a space for an independent go-getter to make their mark, and Comic Blitz has all the opportunity in the world to be just that. Getting started, it’s easy to dismiss the smaller catalog compared to other services because it is a new service. However, if you’re interested in supporting and seeing where Comic Blitz actually goes, I implore you to subscribe and keep in contact with the men and women behind it, and really see where your money is going.

[su_box title="Score: 3/5" style="glass" box_color="#8955ab" radius="6"]