Review: Constantine 1.12 - Angels and Ministers of Grace

Now this is what I've been waiting for. I was going to start reviewing Constantine last week but the episode was a little lackluster. Throwing away the two companions we're slowly getting used to, for one that was a bit droll. This weeks episode was really good. Every character got a moment to shine. The magical detective work flowed well. John got to be a bit of a bastard while still retaining the humanity a TV show requires (yes it would be nice if he could go full bastard but you know the TV execs won't allow that). Finally Manny gets to do more than just show up, say something cryptic and then disappear while John (the only person who he chose to interact with) keeps talking.

John has to deal with his emotional conflict when Zed is discovered to have a brain tumor. They connect this to how she gets her visions, which makes John ever more angry at the divine being. So when Manny appears, as he is want to do, John is pissed. He cracks open a vial of 'air from Hades' (won from a siren in a weekend to remember), which knocks Manny out, John then proceeds an incantation to ground Manny in the body of the Doctor he was inhabiting.

Constantine 1.12 - Angels and Ministers of Grace (1)

This scene is played out well and offers some light moments of Manny whining like a bitch and indulging in human dalliances. John is thrilled to wind him up a much as Manny usually does to him.

Chaz, Johns best friend / test subject, Is given the opportunity to hold some calcified evil (who wouldn't jump at the chance?). I like Chaz's semi-expendable persona, It'll be interesting to see if he will run out of extra lives during this show (also what happens if he dies of old age?).

This episode still had some weak points, like the bad guys clothes morphing when he turns into evil-mode. The fairly obvious misdirections could of been written better.

This show isn't perfect and neither was this episode, it was however a giant leap towards the show I expected.

Score: 4/5