Review: Cut the Rope #1

Review by: Connor Russell Scouring the internet like I do,trying to find something a little different to read, I looked up Ape Entertainment (partnered with Zeptolab), the guys that do the Pocket God comic series, and found out they have a whole range of different things. So I learnt that they have another comic based off another popular app Cut the Rope (a game I have never played). Knowing what the game is though I just had to read the comic to find out how the heck they could make a story out of it. They did, but it just was nothing special.

There is a kid named Evan and he seems to be bored at home. He hears the front doorbell ring and he just assumes that his mother went on an online shopping spree. But alas,the box makes some noises and out pops Om Nom (the little green guy).Chaos ensues as Om Nom destroys things and eats all the food in the kitchen with a giant mess. Evan then tries to capture the alien thingy coz he knows his parents won't believe him otherwise.

IMG_0637That is pretty much it. There are other little things in between and a “cliffhanger” ending but hey, why would I spoil such a great story. You guys can read it yourself by downloading the Cut the Rope comic app yourself! At least issue 1 is free.

The issue is written by Matt Anderson and I gotta give it to him for making a story out of nothing. It's almost like making a comic out of Temple Run or Angry Birds (the latter will totally happen). So the pacing is alright but the character of Evan is annoying. Kids don't have to be written so shallow and be a generic hyperactive child. But who knows, maybe the character will evolve because of his chance encounter with Om Nom.

Ricardo Garcia and Antonio Alfaro were in charge of the art (I'm pretty sure entirely digital, sorry if I am wrong) with Tim Durning on colors. Overall the art has a very animated style and could be perfectly transitioned into a mini web-series cartoon without even having to change the styles used.

So far there are three comics in total, the issue two and a kind of prologue. I will read them because they are heaps cheap and well its something different but I kind of can't believe that I am. The comic is nothing too impressive but is ok in all fields. I can see why this would appeal to children and I understand I am not the targeted audience.

Score: 2/5

Publisher: Ape Entertainment