Review: Danger Girl - Mayday #1

This opening was set up perfectly. Almost like a TV show. I just love how we got introduced to all these new characters and plot line. We have no idea what is going and then bam! We meet our new contender. She comes back from the dead and we have some splash pages with lettering of introductions and credits. Again, it was like a movie scene or TV show. I wanted more. Actually the whole comic is sort of set up this way. It is really just an introduction of something. But that something seems to be big. Danger Girl: Mayday offers just about everything you would expect from the girls. It has got action with more action, and oh yeah lots of bodies. Yes lots of revealing bodies. I have to say that although this isn’t my favorite thing, I think Danger Girl does this whole sexualized bit with style. I don’t feel weirded out by the girls, and I can still enjoy the story. I really do just love these mission impossible girls, and think it is a throwback to those old detective shows such as Charlie’s Angels. It has that old-time feel. The stories are simple but fun.

DG-Mayday01-coverREWith Mayday though it did feel like the issue didn’t introduce a real story. Yeah I think the story will develop, but I was confused on why this issue was put out first. We meet up with a crew that has clearly taken over another ship. The ship contains weapons. Not just a small pile either, but enough to start a war. The ships have this pirate feel to them, not some rich people drifting. To be honest I am not even sure who the Danger Girl is. We have April and she leads the crew onto the pirates’ ship. Her goal is to find out where the ship is going. She wants to know who would order all these weapons. Sounds like Danger Girl trying to save the day, and she has her style, but there are some signs that point to her not being the Girl.

Then, as I said, out of nowhere some chick comes up from the ocean. She is presumed dead and yet all the pirates go into a packet seeing her body. April knows this girl has got to be important. Again, maybe this mystery woman is the Danger Girl. Who knows. April is determined to revive this woman while all the others are scared to death of her. Upon her waking up, the girl doesn’t remember a thing about her past life or even knows who she is.

Not a lot happens in the issue, but it was still a fun read. I haven’t had my Danger Girl fixed in a while. I would have loved some more story detail. I don’t need to know who the mystery woman is, but give me some information or at least a mission detail. For now, I will have to wait until next month. But it is nice to have the ladies back.

Score: 3/5

Writer: Andy Hartnell Artist: John Royle Publisher: IDW Publishing Price: $3.99 Release Date: 4/23/14 Format: Mini-Series, Print/Digital