Review: Danger Girl - Mayday #2

I was intrigued with how Mayday #1 ended. The story was short, and I was left wanting more from Natalia and April. Plus in all honesty, the story ended without any clear connections to the ship and to the island Natalia ended up at. Reading Danger Girl has always given me pleasure. It may be the over-the-top design of it all, but I can’t help but enjoy this reading each month. I don’t know if I could recommend this comic for a monthly subscription, but you haven’t read secret agent comics until you pick some Danger Girl. Last story arc was so good, so I am hoping with some introduction of the new girls and a completely different line, I can pick up where The Chase left me; in sublime. We start this issue off with of course some swimming scenes. I mean at least this time the girls have an excuse to wear a bikini while kicking ass. Natalia is suffering from memory loss. She was found by April on a pirate ship. It has been months since Natalia saw April, but she has returned with some news. April took it upon herself to investigate Natalia. Obviously, this girl has some fighting skill that couldn’t have come from simple karate lessons. April saw something in her. April seems to have an obsession with Natalia, but probably knowing how powerful she once was would lead anyone wanting to find that inner strength in their subject.

DG-Mayday02-coverSUB copy 2Natalia, although happy on her island, isn’t satisfied. Whether she sees that or not is another story. The readers can see it. I think Natalia is a good even though she betrayed her girls, there are always reasons attached. She now needs to get satisfied and only one thing can bring that; becoming a Danger Girl. April sees that there were reasons. The training begins now to bring the old woman back to life. I love training issue because it gives the readers the cool part of seeing the narrative build.

Halfway through the issue we switch gears and get our big storyline that will be coming up. We don’t know exactly who we are up against. It is a weapon, and I don’t want to say much more than that. You should just check it out. It’s a weapon we have all seen before, but the comic has some great graphics. Plus I think the Danger Girls have recently been fighting these shadows. This weapon makes the fight real.

What worked for this issue is the clear plot of the story. In the first issue, I didn’t know what the plot was or where the hell it was going. It is a poor idea to have such unclear issue as your first roundabout. Anyway, this second issue picked up and should have been the first issue. I was entertained throughout and it had plenty of flowing action into the different scenes. Mayday will sure to bring the action and you should pull a front row seat.

Score: 4/5

Writer: Andy Hartnell Artist: John Royle Publisher: IDW Publishing Price: $3.99 Release Date: 5/21/14 Format: Mini-Series, Print/Digital