Review: Danger Girl: The Chase #1

Danger Girl is your typical badass girl undercover comic. I honestly cannot get enough of this genre. It is fun to read and the spy narrative is just way too interesting to stop. Believe me when I tell you that girls want to be secret agents just as much as boys do. We daydream about sneaking around trying to stop the terrorist while also struggling to keep up appearances for our friends who have no idea. My only wish is that some old white dude didn’t lead us. It looks a little pimpish. But I don’t take this genre too serious. This may sound bad, but I mean it; Danger Girl isn’t supposed to be taken seriously. You are meant to have fun when reading it. It is a definite guilty pleasure comic. I am ok with that and if you can’t be then you won’t enjoy this. Most times if your covers consist of big breasts and then your second and third cover are just a variation of those breasts in different light, then yeah you are here to have fun. Anyway, enough of my jabber. We catch up with the girls, Abbey, Sydney, Sonya, and Val in China. They are at some festival chasing down some chick with dragon tats all over chest and face. Dragon tattoos are sweet I am not going to lie. Any girl who decides to get this on her face though is just looking for a group of white chicks to hate on her. Naturally, this woman is up to no good; trying to obtain a case. Deuce is watching over the girls from afar. Abbey is very interested in knowing what is inside this case, but Deuce refuses to give answers.

DangerGirl_Chase_01-pr-1The girls catch up with this dragon lady and while bombarding the case it reveals some pretty crazy tricks. One includes the case absorbing gravity from the area. This is my favorite scene. It is always neat when you take a simple fight scene and add a twist to it. That is what makes it different or special. The case does some pretty crazy shit after this and only leads to the girls becoming more suspicious of what it contains. I happen to like the action in this comic. Take away the floozy girls and you still have some nice panel sequences that show cool action.

Oh and I have a very real opinion here. I get that comics always need that black sheep in the group, but Val is straight up weird. She has freckles, red hair, short hair, glasses, no hand to hand field experience, boys clothes, and a nerdy personality. They could have toned her down a tad or better yet made the Danger Girls less slutty. I don’t get the point of throwing in a dork; it makes for some pretty upset feminists.

All in all Danger Girl has some fun qualities attached to its name. You can’t read this comic and expect mind shattering events. What you can get is some action filled in with some undercover chicks trying to save the world. All in a day’s work for us agent women.

Score: 3/5

Writer: Andy Hartnell

Artist: Harvey Tolibao

Colorist: Romulo Fajardo

Publisher: IDW Publishing

Price: $3.99

Release Date: 9/4/13