Review: Danger Girl: The Chase #2

The Danger Girls are still on the chase, and I never imagine I would love a chase scene that lasted more than one issue. I am loving all the Danger Girls are doing right now. The girls are still in Shanghai chasing down some crazy woman. This woman has insane dragon tattoos that I am sort of jealous of. She holds a suitcase. It contents unknown. Not even the Danger Girls know what is it. Deuce does but he isn’t given it up. All of this is only building up the anticipation of what is inside. For the amount of effort these girls are putting into it, it has to hold some sort magic. Abbey is in hot pursuit of the case...on a motorcycle, in a tiny t-shirt, oh and it is raining. She is totally winning the wet t-shirt contest if anyone was keeping track. She is talking to Deuce all while doing this. Deuce is explaining to her who the dragon girl is. It is Anastasia Kilbourne. This chick has it in for Abbey ever since the Danger Girl let Anastasia’s best friend, Natalie, die. Abbey was only trying to help the girl since she was going over to the dark side. Natalie was only holding on by a thread; a thread that wasn’t strong enough to hold her. The whole comic flashbacks when Abbey is thinking about it all. I love flashbacks; they work well in a chase scene to break up the fighting.

DG-Chase02-coverAThe other girls are in the van trying to find the center of the storm. Val is tracking the device. I still feel bad for this black sheep, btw. The other Danger Girls are driving the van and looking for Anastasia. She pops out of nowhere, typical badass style, and tries to get Val to disarm the case. See last issue we found out that this case is causes trouble. That is why it is storming outside.

The action is this issue is intense. I loved seeing the now stop panels running across each page. It was a fun read, and if you pick up this series occasionally, then this is your issue. It ends on a nice cliffhanger too. Almost every issue does, but for some reason it doesn’t get old. I can never walk away from a strong Danger Girls cliffhanger.

Score: 4/5

Writer: Andy Hartnell Artist: Harvey Tolibao Publisher: IDW Publishing Price: $3.99 Release Date: 10/30/13