Review: Danger Girl: The Chase #3

This issue rocked. Not that all their other issues suck, but I was totally taken back by the awesomeness in this issue. It starts and ends with hot bods in your face, so if you are into Danger Girls, totally pick this up for you will not be disappointed with these Top Racks. The whole issue is just packed full with action. It didn’t stop for nothing, and I loved every second of it. You know when reading about spy teams I often pick a favorite right away. Danger Girl gave me that struggle of picking a character that I wanted to shine every issue. I think it was a combination of how all the girls get their air time allowing for no one Girl to shine through. I found this cool, but annoying at the same time. I wanted to latch onto one individual in order to watch her each month. Just like with the Turtles or X-Men, when my favorite character is on the cover, I am more likely to read/buy that issue just for the pure idea of my character being the star that week. Well Danger Girl hits that out of the park this week. Not only did I discover that Abbey is clearly my favorite, but the badass chick, Kilbourne, with the dragons all over her body is my favorite villain. The Girls are still in China still trying to get this damn briefcase. Still no word on the contents of the case, but Deuce steps it up this issue. I love when the background people have to jump back into the field or for the first time. He is up against his boss, and she seems real shady. So I am wondering if some double agent shit is going on. I should mention that Deuce doesn’t get much action, but more of a lead up to action. This is hoping that the next issue will be just as cool, since no real conclusion happens with the briefcase, it should be fun.

DG_Chase_03-pr_Page_01Abbey is just right on point in this issue. We see a lot of her, which is unlike the Dangers Girls to do, but I am glad they did it. It allowed for one following of one chase scene instead of us trying to keep track of explosions from every story. Abbey has some one on one fighting with Kilbourne, but mostly she is trying to escape the woman while riding on a train. I don’t know why, but train chase scenes are the best. The different cabins, the high speed, and the tunnels, make for an easy set up between villain and hero.

Kilbourne has just as much fun as Abbey. These two make good counterparts in the series. I almost wish the next issue would revolve around Kilbourne and her pursuit/purpose for the case. Of course the outfits for her are perfect. She has a huge tattoo running down her entire body, and dressed in all black leather. Abbey has the typical blue jeans and short white shirt on. It gives off the impression of good vs. evil. The fight between these two is going to get even bigger, I don’t know how, but it will. Also, with Deuce coming into play too, it all should lead up to a kickass finale.

Score: 4/5

Writer: Andy Hartnell Artist: Harvey Tolibao Publisher: IDW Publishing Price: $3.99 Release Date: 11/27/13