Review: Danger Girl: The Chase #4

I love the cover this week. Kilbourne or Asia is on the cover. I confessed my love for her last issue, so that was awesome to see. Then Abbey, Sonya, Val, and Sydney are all at the bottom being chased. It is pretty bad-ass, so check it out. I don’t enjoy the whole cosplay covers, but I have feeling that most people do; so make sure to check both covers out. The chase ends here, so needless to say you really should get on board for this issue. The whole four issue Chase has been an experience. With issues 1 and 2, I wanted more. The story was typical, and the focus seemed all off. I was nervous opening issue 3, and my doubts seemed to all disappear. The story got real! The plot developed into an interesting one all revolving around this brief case. Deuce knows what is inside, but the girls are clueless. All we do about the case is that it seems to be some sort of power cell generating natural disasters in Shanghai.

DangerGirl_Chase_04-pr_Page_1Last time, we ended, Abbey was on the train. Well now we have helicopters chasing the train. Seriously, the best two chase scenes involve helicopters and trains. So I was pretty stoked to read this issue. Sydney, Sonya, and Val are in the story some more here. It was nice to see them be back and not overpower the issue. I really thought Deuce’s part as well as the girls would have had more of splash in the end. But once again, we focus all on Abbey, and once again nice move in doing so. Asia is of course a big part as well. She is all over this case and wanting Abbey to hand it over. I am not sure what Asia wants with it, since she seems to just want to own it, not exactly use it. But this could be a cover up. The case does go a little A-wall too.

The girls and Deuce don’t exactly know how to control this thing. Abbey is blindly leading her team through this mission. This seems to be a bit of foreshadowing on the series but who knows. I do hope they bring this whole case back since it has added some awesomeness to the series. Plus some stories didn’t exactly end. Such as Asia not succeeding, Deuce’s boss not coming back and yep we still don’t know what the hell this case is. Sorry guys. All I have to say is that this story will bring you back into being a Danger Girls fan if not just for 4 issues. Every moment was stressful with the chase, and the focus on Abbey and Asia’s conflict brings some great action. It will not disappoint.

Score: 4/5

Writer: Andy Hartnell Artist: Harvey Tolibao Publisher: IDW Publishing Price: $3.99 Release Date: 12/11/13