Review: Danger Girl: Trinity #2

Action is all up in this comic. It walked straight through the door and hasn’t left yet. I will probably stay on board this comic for that very reason. Sydney is on the phone with her sister, Sonya. Last issue she was being chased in the jungle by bounty hunters. She was also keeping captive over a bounty hunter named Dallas. He helps her escape and I am assuming he is a good guy. They dive into the water and lose the crew looking for them. Sydney warns her sister of the people after the Danger Girls. While driving, Sydney gets ambushed. This fight scene is awesome! So many of the comics I reviewed this week have been loaded with action…makes me a lucky girl. It is difficult to pull off some action in comics and for me, car scenes are pretty hard to do. Either the action is too slow for me to feel like I am driving or the action is confusing. Here it is a happy medium and sort of puts me in the mood for Fast and the Furious 29 but I doubt I will pay for that movie. Sydney fights off all the guys after her and she books a flight out of London. Must be nice to be a secret agent and also have men to use at your disposal.

DG_Trinity_02-pr-1We finally see Abbey Chase again. She is the abducted chic and the reason for all this chaos. The girls believe that whoever wants Abbey wants all of them. She is going to see this Prince Amahz character. She is greeted with praise which makes her and I worry for her safe keeping. When greeted by the Prince he knows almost everything about Abbey. He is a huge fan and a creepy one at that. He wants Abbey to be his prisoner and she will live her life searching for jewels for this Prince. If she fights he will kill her.

We jumped back to Sonya and Dallas. They are trying to escape the jungle again…damn bounty hunters. They are a pain to deal with.

No other big plot points happen, hence the short reviews for this comic, and honestly I don’t read this comic for plot, I read it for the art and that intense action. If the plot gets interesting I will move my ratings up but for now I like to enjoy this comic and then think about my escape routes if someone came through my apartment right now and where I would hide all the weapons. For as long as I read this comic I will end it with different ways of how I live my life as a secret agent.

Score: 3/5

Writer: Andy Hartnell Artists: Stephen Molnar, Harvey Tolibao and John Royle Publisher: IDW Publishing Price: $3.99 Release Date: 5/29/13