Review: Danger Girl: Trinity #3

There just isn’t much to say about this comic. I don’t really know how to review it without giving away every detail because frankly it is a quick read with very little plot points happening. Don’t get me wrong if you like simple comics with lots of action it is a good read. For me, being three issues in, I want more plot going on. It is simple, but too simple. The story basis is solid and we all like those undercover agent themes. I think I am just getting bored with the story line dragging out. DG_Trinity_03-pr-1The last two issues have left us with Sonya and Dallas falling off a cliff one way or another. Well issue #2 had them in a Jeep and they miraculously land on safe ground. Sonya wants to get on an airstrip so they can get the hell out of the Congo. Dallas’ and Sonya’s relationship is like a lot of relationships I know. They argue a lot but no one seems to get hurt, instead they just thank god that they have survived. Honestly, the whole beginning action with Sonya and Dallas is overdone hardcore. Their faces look real strange in this issue and I am not exactly sure why. They over exaggerate the emotions when yelling or running away. Last issue I praised how cool the art was during the car scene and now I am disappointed with the action shown in the beginning. I thought maybe the whole issue would do this but it came back around when it got to Abbey’s part.

Sydney, Sonya’s sister, is tracking Abbey with a chip that is put in all the agents. Sydney goes in alone and I think the comic telling us this is a forewarning of that poor decision. She tracks down one of Prince Amahz’s slave girls. I don’t want to even imagine what he makes these women do, but you can if you are into that. Remember this Prince dude wants Abbey to chase down jewels for him or he will kill her. Seems extreme until the slave girl tells Sydney that Abbey is on the hunt for a tomb of the country’s former Prince. The comic goes into detail of the past but pretty much Amahz threw himself into being Prince, but no one really knows if he is blood related to the former. He says he is and the only way for the people to disapprove this is to have a blood test taken from the former prince. Hence Amahz’s need for the crown to be found on the head of the former prince. He wants to destroy it and since the body is in a secret hiding place he needs Abbey to find it.

The comic then jumps to Abbey already finding the Prince. I don’t know about you but I wanted more Indiana Jones shit going on. Like her having to run away from a huge bolder or a pit full of snakes. The story was too jumpy.

Syndey asks the slave girl why she stays and she is cut off in the middle of her sentence. We do find out why all the girls stay and why even Abbey decides to go on this hunt for Amahz. All in all I was disappointed with round three from Danger Girl: Trinity. I hope the next issue picks up with more things that I love about undercover agents; like the smarts they use to get out a trap or the different fighting skills they pick up.

Score: 2/5

Writer: Andy Hartnell

Artist: Stephen Molnar, Harvey Tolibao and John Royle

Publisher: $3.99

Release Date: 6/19/13