Review: Daomu #8

Do you like Asian mysticism? Do you like H.P. Lovecraft? Keep reading! If not, fuck off. Just kidding. You need to read this book. Grant me two subtle allowances for this review. One, I’m just jumping in on this comic on issue 8. Two, I’m going to provide the best reading of this book with my limited knowledge of Asian culture. So please be kind if I’m not accurate with some of my commentary; I mean no disrespect.

Artwork first. The book is beautifully illustrated. The depiction of subterranean light and shadowing is magnificent, and I would hang most of these panels up on my wall in place of those black velvet paintings of Waylon Jennings playing cards with Dale Earnhardt I won at the Louisville carnival and tractor pull.

Daomu #8The cover had me a little nervous because I mistook the creature featured as a Brood from the X-Men. Inside, the illustration of the creature is far more sinister and detailed. I can’t also help but to think of a sea creature from Lovecraft’s Dagon story with the monster’s round mouth, teeth, and scales. Nevertheless, I’m fixating on only one point of an overall beautifully illustrated book.

Story? You have to take my word that the story delivers. Why can’t I go into more detail? I don’t want to reveal a very cool plot point that had me stunned. Buy this book for only $2.99, and you will see what I mean. And keep in mind this is the first issue of the series that I’m reading. But what I can tell you is that the book follows a group of explorers/tomb robbers in a subterranean/sub oceanic terrain rife with booby traps (Shout out to my favorite Goonie, Data), monsters, and mystery.

This book made me happy. It’s the same way I feel after watching The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. Aw, hell. Don’t ask. Just trust me that this book provides an excellent example of visual storytelling.

Score: 4/5

Writer: Kennedy Xu Script: Colin Johnson Artist: Ken Chou Publisher: Image Comics Price: $2.99