Review: Dawn/Vampirella #2

Last month, I really enjoyed Joseph Michael Linsner’s mash up of his character Dawn (Goddess of Witches) and the cult classic revamp Vampirella (Queen of Vampires).  I found the first issue to have a peppy feel and B movie flow to it.  It has some small seriousness to it, but mostly it’s just wise cracking hijinx and late night movie fun.  It knows that it is a little bit fluffy but it doesn’t care.  It has a sense of humor with itself  and I found this take refreshing and gave Issue #1 high marks. I did feel that Dawn took the spotlight over Vampirella in that one.  But Dawn is Mr. Lisner’s creation, so I understood it. Well, Issue #2 changes his outlook, really putting the feature on Vampirella this time and her mighty one piece. And I can say that Lisner does a strong job in making an entertaining and fun look at these mostly dark characters.

There is a demon (with quite an interesting codpiece) who is wanting to sire a child. He feels that of his potential unwilling suitors that Dawn and Vampirella would be his perfect mates, but he is unsure of which one. So, he is pitting the two against each other to help him decide.  Stories have been the challenge and we are given Vampirella’s story in this issue which can best be described as a mythological tale under the tapestry of a post atomic wasteland. Will Vampirella’s story satisfy the demon?

DawnVampi02-Cov-LinsnerRevAfter reading Issue #2 , I’d say that I can’t speak for the demon, but I am liking it a lot.  It’s is good and continues to have a fun sense about itself that makes it a fun title all around.  It is light-hearted even as it deals with demons, vampires, gorgons, fly men, and sleazy scalpers (Just read the story and you will understand what I am talking about).

Lisner never overdoes the writing and he isn’t aiming to write an epic.  He wants something fun and he brings it big time. The dialogue is witty, exact, and smooth.  Despite the nature of the story, nothing is convoluted and there is no choppiness or confusion.  It is what it is which is some quality entertainment for not a whole lot of money.

With the art, I must admit that I am fascinated with Joseph Michael Linsner’s portrayals.  He seems to have a good grasp of the sleazy and the sophisticated. The nice thing is that he can draw in both styles with ease it would seem. He does both styles here in this issue as he goes from the campy “reality” to the more majestic “story” with a very smooth transition.  It’s good stuff and I believe that I am seeing a pattern that this title might just be a pretty damned entertaining one when all is said and done.

Dynamite released two Vampirella titles during this week.  This one and one called Feary Tales.  After reading both, I have to say that Dawn/Vampirella succeeds everywhere that Feary Tales fails in trying to do.  Where Feary Tales tries to be fun and entertaining, it tanks.  Dawn/Vampirella on the other hand, lays it on perfectly making for a great and interesting read that will keep your attention and might actually entertain you as well.

Score: 4/5

Writer/Artist: Joseph Michael Linsner Publisher: Dynamite Comics Price: $3.99 Release Date:  11/19/14 Format: Mini-Series; Print/Digital