Review: Dawn/Vampirella #4

I have had quite a guilty pleasure in reading this super campy, sometimes kind of cheesy, but always entertaining yarn written and drawn by Joseph Michael Linsner.  In this story, Lisner’s original creation Dawn, the Goddess of Witches has been put up to a challenge of wits and storytelling against the Queen of Vampires Vampirella, all under the direction and captive persuasion of one big codpiece wearing demon named Masodik.  I will let you read between the lines there. Anyway, old Masodik is trying to find a lady worthy to carry his seed and he has identified these two as his prime candidates.  Their goal is to tell him a story that will make them worthy to be his mate.  We have seen had some back and forth between the two with no victor quite emerging as of yet.  With the stalemate, Masodik is beginning to become a little bit bored with the whole thing.  The end may be near. That is unless one of the ladies can hit a story on the level of The Godfather.  Or not.  This is an inside joke that will need to be read to be understood.

Issue #4 goes to a lot of different places and is the busiest of the issues to date.  Lisner introduces the reader to more of Dawn’s backstory as well giving insight to her motivation and as to how in the world she got herself trapped by Masodik, even with all of her witchy powers.  We had witnessed Vampirella’s capture during the first issue, demonstrating her empathy as the force of capture. As for Dawn, love would be the capture factor.  This issue brings a strong continuum to our tale adding balance to those who may be unfamiliar with Dawn and what makes her tick.

Dawn Vampirella #4As for Masodik, we also get some more insight to what makes him (literally) tick with more information given about his bombastic bomb pacemaker that might just explode and blow everyone away should he not find what he is looking for.  Everything is on the line and spelling some serious life or death between our combatants if they don’t get to business.

I just can’t help myself, but I really do like this series.  Between all of the serious and more dramatic comic offerings that are up everywhere, Dawn / Vampirella makes no bones that it is not one of those.  It is unapologetic.  And in that honest portrayal, you as a reader get a sincere and no holds barred drive in movie feeling on a hot summer’s night.

Sure it is a little off in some ways, but Lisner proves himself to be a very capable writer and artist doing justice in portraying Vampirella on quite equal terms with his own Dawn.  It is a good portrayal of both ladies and you find yourself waiting patiently to see when these two will team up and shove Masodik’s codpiece down his throat.

There is a side story that appears within this issue through a dream of Vampirella that is rudely interrupted by one of Masodik’s more sensual (and vindictive) servants.  Not quite sure where it is going to go.  But it would appear to have some relevance to Vampirella and what ultimately may be that eventual team up between her and Dawn in ending Masodik’s imprisonment. It has a bit of intrigue that presents itself beyond the camp, making this perhaps a more serious tale before all is said and done.

But until then, all I can really say is pull up a chair, pour yourself one of your favorite beverages, and enjoy this often kooky, often goofy, but always fun rendition of a 70s feeling “girls in captivity” film. It might not be the most eloquent comic you will read out there.  But it will not disappoint either.

Score: 3/5

Dawn/Vampirella #4 Writer/Artist: Joseph Michael Linsner Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment Price: $3.99 Release Date: 6/24/15 Format: Mini-Series; Print/Digital