Review: Disney Magic Kingdom Comics #1

The beloved Disney characters interacting in the theme parks will strike a nostalgic cord in readers as IDW collects and reprints those stories.  Scrooge McDuck races the Beagle Boys in a paddlewheel boat adventure.  Mickey Mouse and Donald head off to Frontierland for jamborees—Country Bear style.  Uncle Scrooge returns with Donald, Daisey, and the triplets for some Adventureland excitement.  Finally, poor Goofy runs afoul of those nasty Disney villains when he ventures into Fantasyland. MagicKingdom_01-CoverAThe reprintings are a great collection for children and adults with a child’s heart.  Readers will enjoy great tales focusing on the areas of the theme parks that we all have visited.  Where kids will get a kick out of stories featuring the beloved Disney characters, adults will be fascinated by the liberties writers took with story elements before society felt the need to sanitize comics and cartoons.  For instance, Scrooge McDuck will use gunpowder and whale oil as fuel to propel his paddlewheel boat.  In that same story, Ratchet Gearloose tries to coax his brain to think of a problem’s solution by clocking himself on the noggin with a hammer.  Yes, that was the beauty of writing back before we became hyper-sensitized and over litiginous.

IDW did an outstanding job of reprinting, for the colors are vivid and the panels are flawless.  In fact, the updated collection looks as if it were illustrated in today’s world of crisp digital production.

Despite the steep price, this collection does fit perfectly into homes with kids and for Disney aficionados who love the characters, the theme parks, or both.

[su_box title="Score: 4/5" style="glass" box_color="#8955ab" radius="6"]

Disney Magic Kingdom Comics #1 Writers: Carl Barks, Paul Halas, Unn Printz-Pahlson, Don R. Christensen Artists: Carl Barks, Pete Alvarado, Victor Arriagada Rios, Al Hubbard Publisher: IDW Publishing Price: $6.99 Release Date: 5/25/16 Format: Print/Digital