Review: Double Mints

Alright so here is another Yaoi, this one is a little bit more mature than the other manga I’ve reviewed. And I can’t say I loved it, the story line was pretty hard to follow by the end I was totally lost.  What I gather is that Double Mints is about two guys with the same names that had this odd dynamic back in high school and reconnect years later. So it starts off when the two meet for the first time in high school and then skips forward to the present. Once the two rekindle their relationship, things spiral into a passionate yet dark clusterfuck of attempted murder and psychological love games.

Double Mints CoverThe flip-flopping between time periods makes the story jumbled; there’s not much to indicate if the scene is past or present. Anyway, it starts to turn into this murder mystery but quickly dissolves and I think somewhere around there I become lost and disinterested. It plays a lot on the submissive/dominant theme and concludes with this weird Romeo and Juliet feel. I think it was meant to be sensitive, but the story overall lacked compelling dialogue. I mean they loved each other but they treated each other like utter shit; I wasn’t buying it. Maybe if you are into warped and twisted love stories sprinkled with masochism, you’ll like this one. It just isn’t my thing.

One thing I will give it credit for was that it was different from other Yaoi that I have read in that the two were completely confident in their sexuality. No one even flinched about it which was kind of refreshing.

Asumiko Nakamura has a pretty decent following and her other works were widely received. I’ve liked her past stuff but I’m just not feeling this one. I wasn’t too fond of the art either; wasn’t impressed. She has definitely done better.

Score: 3/5

Writer/Artist: Asumiko Nakamura Publisher: Digital Manga Guild Price: $9.95 Website