Review: Dragon Age: Those Who Speak #2 (of 3)

Now that Dragon Age III: Inquisition is a thing; excitement for the brand is alive again. All the while the good people at Dark Horse have been keeping everyone’s DA fix under control with Dragon Age: Those Who Speak; which continues the adventures of Alistair the king of Ferelden, Varric the thief and Isabela the pirate as they search for Alistair’s father. Some time ago Isabela crossed the The Qunari by stealing their most prized possession, the Qun. Because of that act she was hunted by the Qunari until they reacquired their scriptures. The pursuit caused Isabela her ship and gained her an enemy for life in the Qunari.  So while the three adventurers were pursing the Blood Mage Titus the Qunari attacked and captured Isabela.

In captivity, the female pirate is interrogated by a Qunari priestess, Tamassran. With the aid of Qamek a magical flame that will render Isabela a vegetable if she resists. The priestess begins by asking Isabela her name, her true name. The response she is given is a little more in-depth than just a name-- it reveals a dark and detailed past about the sassy pirate.

DragonAgeThoseWhoSpeakHCThree weeks have passed since the three friends have encountered the Qunari. Now Alistair and Varric have been summoned by the new Arishok. Once face to face Alistair is surprised to see that it is Sten. The same Qunari that helped him fight against the Blight so many years ago. (See Dragon Age Origins the game- Kevin). Alistair inquires about Titus and Sten replies with an intriguing answer that pertains to the Old Gods.

Back in her cell Isablea reveals more of her motivation for stealing the Qun and the reasoning for her strong distain for the Qunari. Alas that story and overall pirate attitude is something that doesn’t go over to well with Tamassran.

First off this is the best that any Dragon Age comic has every looked. In previous issues there were panels that felt a little dialed in and just looked uninspired. But not here, there are some really great looking pages, especially when dealing with Isabela’s back story.

That’s another thing; there is a LOT for fans of DA to enjoy in just this issue alone. There’s the return of Sten, a Qunari priestess, the mention of the Old Gods and the best part, the fulfilling back story for Isabela.

The industry needs to take note, if you want to do a comic book video game tie-in; you follow the blueprint that this title has set. If not , then enjoy mediocrity.

Score: 4/5

Writer: David Gaider, Alexander Freed Artist: Chad Hardin Publisher: Dark Horse Comics Price: $3.50 Release Date: 9/25/12