Review: Drumhellar #4

Drumhellar has been one of those guilty pleasure reads that I have enjoyed immensely the last few months. I have been going down this trippy ride that is filled with drug induced hallucinations, mystic squirrel sidekicks, stampeding dinosaur spirits, werewolf exs, etc, etc. It is a superbly surrealistic romp following the exploits of one Mr. Drum Hellar, paranormal man of mystery whose personal life is about as mysterious and interesting as any of his outside adventures. Riley Rossmo and Alex Link have created a mini masterpiece that is way underrated in its delivery of wit, insight, and yes, sheer entertainment. When we last left Mr. Hellar, he was stuck in the pen, decked out in his best bright orange... and most importantly, without his drugs that trigger his visions. There is a Benjamin Button type that is also in need of assistance from our hero with his premature reverse aging. And of course, there is the matter of that stampeding herd of spirit dinosaurs being led by an ex who are getting dangerously close to hurting a whole lot more than just the cattle that have been their recent victims. Things are tough all over and old Drum is pretty stuck being in his state of incarceration. Never fear though. Drum has a plan and it might just work.

Riley Rossmo's art complements Alex Link’s script like a finely put together mixed drink. It is smooth and never bitter. Most importantly, it tastes great making you want more. It might make you drunk after a while, but getting there is the enjoyment. This whole comic is an enjoyment to the nth degree.

drumhellar-04-coverThere is nothing predictable in regards to Link's writing. You never and I mean never know what is going to happen next. One issue, it might be bog people. Another it's rampaging dinos. Link will keep you guessing and the nice thing is that he will drop little tidbits here and there before he knocks you out with some big bomb that is finalized with Rossmo's perfectly timed visual. Smooth indeed. It freaks you out and entertains in every way possible. I can't get enough. I love this trip.

The end of this issue drops yet another bomb on the reader but you just know that no matter what, Drum will have something to say about it. And, with the proper amount of drugs in his system, he might just figure out what to do. It may be weird. It may be bizarre. But I can assure you, that it will be interesting and never dull.

Score: 5/5

Writers: Riley Rossmo (Story), Alex Link (Script) Artist: Riley Rossmo Publisher: Image/Shadowline Comics Price: $3.50 Release Date: 2/5/14