Review: Drumhellar #5

I have totally enjoyed Riley Rossmo and Alex Link's trippy opus to rural living, mysticism and heavy drug induced visions. Drumhellar has been a story that tickles your funny bone as well as your mind. Expertly written, expertly drawn, and expertly colored, this story will inflame your senses and offer you a very comfortably numbness that you don't typically receive in other comic treatments. Add a werewolf ex, cartoony spirit guides, bog people, spirit dinosaurs, staring animals ...Well, you get the point. There is a whole lot going here. And it's all good. I have compared Riley Rossmo's art combined with Alex Link’s script to a very good mixed drink...Lots of spirits with no aftertaste.  The beverage is still good at Issue #5 and I highly recommend the entire series. But something happened within this story arc wrap that made the drink just not as satisfying as it has been with the past four. It felt like I was sitting at the bar enjoying my drink, and then the bartender closed up shop and told me to leave. For all the good that this comic has been to me, Issue #5 felt rushed, trying to wrap up everything that has been going on as quickly as possible. And that is quite a bit to wrap to say the least.

drumhellar-05-cov-webDrum has found himself in some real hairy situations in this issue, literally hairy with one of the situations. There is also still the matter of the rampaging spirit dinos too that have ran through the city hurting (and even killing) folks. Never fear though, Drum has a plan and it involves using drug induced visions to figure it out. He has the answers and now must elicit the support of various friends/enemies to fix things. Will he be able to do it all in time? You will have to read and see.

Artistically, this is the best of the five issues. It is bright, bold, and robust. A full frontal assault on the senses. Rossmo soared no expense here, really filling the frames up. It is very visually pleasing. I felt that the writing though was very rushed in this issue. One of the things that I love about this title has been the unpredictability of well, everything. I think that is what is missing in this one. It felt more structured than the others. Even so, watching Drum figure things out and just the exchanges between all of the characters is worth reading. They are all interesting people.

Issue #5 may be the end of this particular line of stories, but there are more to come in a couple of months. The bar may be closed right now, but it will open again. I can't wait to get back in, pull up a chair, and enjoy that amazing mixed concoction blended up by Rossmo and Link to sheer perfection. Keep em coming guys.

Score: 3/5

Writers: Riley Rossmo (Story), Alex Link (Script) Artist: Riley Rossmo Publisher: Image/Shadowline Comics Price: $3.50 Release Date: 3/5/14