Review: Drumhellar #6

After reading this issue that begins a new story arc, I have a new word that I think may describe what I just read the best…That word is SPIRITPSYCHOSEXUAL. Yeah, that is the word that absolutely nails what this issue is all about. It is all about SPIRITPSYCHOSEXUAL stuff. There is that and a little bit of everything else going on with this little bit strange and quite bizarre issue. But of course, if any of you have been reading Riley Rossmo and Alex Link’s trippy opus to the paranormal, relationships, and life in general, well then, you already know what to expect by now. Drumhellar is a mixture of the weird, the profane, the extraordinary, and the awesome. And it has been a title quite worthy of a read.  The first arc was a smashing success creating a wonderful set up for this new one. The new one has begun and to that, I say SPIRITPSYCHOSEXUAL.  We have SPIRIT going on. Harold the psychedelic something is playing around with his ability to enter into things and possess them. Drum and his ex’s are working on some deep spiritual issues (see the SEXUAL description in a bit), and the universe continues to crank out some funky visions for Mr. Drum to see.  We have PSYCHO as in the form of an miniature evil unleashing some of its demonic fury on a not so nice set of parents. And of course, we have the SEXUAL as Drum and his two ex’s (of which one is a full on werewolf) engage in some funky monkey love that just has to be read to be understood (Hint, it lasts a few days). All of it leads up to Drum getting connected to the PSYCHO part that he knows needs to investigated. That’s the story in a nutshell…SPIRITPSYCHOSEXUAL…

Though this isn’t the most fast pace issue within the title. It utilizes its time perfectly. And just when I didn’t think Rossmo and Link could push the envelope any further, I discovered that I was big time wrong. These guys have found a nice groove of writing and art and they flow in and out like some long lovemaking session….Ohhhhhhh  Yeahhhhhhhhh.

Drumhellar06_CoverA copy 2Which leads me to the coupling of Drum and his ex’s. The only thing I can really say is that you need to put on some Barry White as you read through these pages.  Link’s writing skills are damn near poetic as descriptions are given and connections are made. Rossmo’s art I used to think was trippy and psychedelic. Now I know as much. The colors here are swirling and vibrant and full of, well, SPIRITPSYCHOSEXUAL energy. It is pretty funky I must say.

All of it adds up to another winning episode by this dynamic duo. I was leaning toward the average in review initially as it is in your face. But when reading through it a second time (which is real advisable with this title because of all the intricate weavings that are going on), I found that the story was really a well put together and serious issue. Its flow is smooth and groovy and makes for a nice transition to all of the shenanigans of the first story arc. This arc is going to go into a more dark and creepy direction I believe. And the opener worked as one last romp into fun and frolic before some serious things prepare to be dropped. Drum and Harold are rested and romanced and are now ready to face the darkness that awaits them on this next adventure.

Score: 4/5

Writers: Riley Rossmo (Story), Alex Link (Script) Artist: Riley Rossmo Publisher: Image/Shadowline Comics Price: $3.50 Release Date: 6/18/14 Format: Print/Digital