Review: Drumhellar #9

Of all the comics that I reviewed this week, I have to say that the cover to Drumhellar #9 has been hands down the best one I saw.  It is absolutely perfect and really sums up what lies within the pages of this issue.  I was ready for it. Drumhellar09_CoverWhat has been shown in this second story arc thus far has been a darker, more intense rendering with some additional funky sex and psychedelic trippiness being spread along the way.  Apparently that early funky sex has some serious repercussions for our lovable paranormal stoner as he has become a target of some pretty nasty little munchkin murderers who are offing bad parents quite viciously.  With this issue, we get the back story on these baddies and we find out why Mr. Hellar is in their cross hairs.  What we don’t know is how Drum’s trusty sidekick Harold ties in with these little monsters.  But something is going on as Harold is being portrayed in forms that haven’t quite fit what his demeanor has been for much of the series.  Something is up.

Alex Link and Riley Rossmo have a good partnership going as Link is working Rossmo’s story and art quite nicely with his scripting.  I have been very impressed with the stony goodness that has been a part of all issues… That is, except for this one.  This issue turns a very dark corner and doesn’t feel as near as happy-go-lucky as has been expected from past issues.  I don’t know if I exactly liked it that much as it got stone cold serious where the entire series has been more or less free-flowing and smooth.

I didn’t hate it by any means.  I just think that it had more dark elements that threw me off a bit.  Rossmo’s art still totally kicks with nice color.  But the color here is a little less bright and more shadowy and cold.  I think it just messed with me somehow.

I completely recommend this title as an excellent comic.  But it is my hope, that the dark feel can ease up some and return back to the more happy, pleasant, and aloof feeling that it has had during the previous eight issues. Despite the darkness though, man, that cover rocks.

Score: 3/5

Writer: Riley Rossmo (Story), Alex Link (Script) Artist:  Riley Rossmo Publisher:  Image/ShadowlineComics Price: $3.50 Release Date: 9/24/14 Format: Ongoing; Print/Digital