Review: Ehmm Theory #2

If you haven’t started to show some interest in this comic do so now. Tagline: Boy owns talking cat and travels through different dimensions. See told you. Larkin Ford captures some awesome art for this series. I know I am only two issues in but his drawings are so perfect. Mr. Whispers may be the cutest cat ever (besides for my own). My littlest cat loves to tea bag me when waking up in the morning. Yes, I said tea bag. It is an amazing experience. It is his way of telling me “Hey you cut my balls off but I will still tea bag you when I am hungry.” Mr. Whispers reminds me of that same I-cough-up-hair-balls-respectively personality.

We start the second issue with Alyona explaining some back history on she met Gabriel’s father. Alyona is trying to help him through these dimensions in order to learn of his father’s past. Suddenly we realize that Gabriel has a mild case of crabs. And by mild I mean one cybernetic crab chasing after him. Alyona is one badass grandmother and tries to protect her crew the best way she knows how, cursin’ and shootin’. What I love about this comic is that it is so funny but asks a lot of questions too. You will be laughing but then stop to think woah so what is really going on here? It is the best of both worlds or all 11 dimensions (whichever saying you like better and look up M Theory if you don’t get that).

Ehmm Theory #2-1We meet a slew of new characters in this issue. I have a feeling Gabriel will be meeting lots of new creatures and people throughout his journey. It always makes me excited when comics deal with sci-fi because then they can literally do anything, especially with characters. It is all about honing that bend of reality into something spectacular. We meet a group who is trying to help Gabe but the more interesting character that meet has to do with Saint Peter. This guy sketches me out. And I don’t mean he gives me new light up shoes but rather that he is plotting against Gabe and Mr. Whispers. In the first issue he really gives me the creeps with his pimped out suit.

If I haven’t sold you on this comic then still just start reading it. The whole Action Lab: Danger Zone is a pretty interesting line. Brockton McKinney’s story has some great elements and each issue will ensure an amusing action packed fight between Gabe and all the dimensional mutants. But don’t be fooled by Ehmm Theory’s perceived cover because there is a real story under all the fun which makes your mind explode into an all-out enjoyment factory.

Score: 5/5

Writer: Brockton McKinney

Artist: Larkin Ford

Publisher: Danger Zone and Action Lab

Price: $2.99

Release Date: 7/31/13