Review: Ehmm Theory – Everything and Small Doses #1

It’s back! Every intensely awesome clever moment is back with Ehmm Theory. When you get this comic, you will want to cuddle him in your arms and kiss him. Not saying that is what I did (people were watching). So get excited for it, because I can say that the start of this new volume is as crazy as ever. When the first volume ended, it was a hard blow to the stomach because you just wanted to read on. It seemed like we waited forever for Gabe and Mr. Whispers to return. And even the comic makes us wait some pages to see these two crazies. But we don’t waste any time. Saint Peter and Dominika are interrogating Veronica, better known as Mindwolf from G.O.D.D, at some facility. Last issue, she was helping Gabe and now our villains need information since their plan isn’t exactly going according to plan.

Ehmm Theory - Everything and Small Doses #1 (1)Meanwhile, after reuniting with his father, Gabe finds himself camping out with an odd group. The action is away from Gabe at the moment which is nice in case he wants to catch up with his once thought of dead father. So we hear of Aaron and his adventures. Aaron discovered he could cross universes a long time ago, and this has made him a wanted/valuable man. The story he starts to tell is of Gabe’s mom and their long journey together. So we flash between the two scenes of Mindwolf and Aaron only to find that Mindwolf is in some deep poop. She just may need some help from some familiar faces but not so familiar personalities. This dimension is sure to amp up the creativity that each world holds and explore just how far we can go in this comic.

The writing is brilliant for one simple reason; this is exactly how normal people would act. Gabe isn’t some all-knowing human who has finally unlocked his potential. He is just an ordinary dude trying to make sense of all this crazy shit. He isn’t freaking out but he doesn’t exactly understand everything in these other dimensions. His sidekicks seem to know a lot more than him, so that leads to him only being real with Mr. Whispers, a smart talking kitten. Again, Mr. Whispers is written so well because he doesn’t hold anything back. His thoughts are those of any cat, I would assume. But what I really love about Mr.Whispers is his lovable side. Even though he swears, yells, and won’t back down from a fight, he still needs to be petted and held. So cute!

And that is where Larkin Ford comes in. Each character is given so much charisma through the art. Clearly, Mr. Whispers is the best, but everyone comes alive through these pages. So much could be done in the dimensions, but Ford focuses more on the characters and what they can bring. Plus honestly a world would probably look the same anywhere you went. Yeah maybe a few more skyscrapers or some chocolate rivers, but we would have more similarities in my opinion. So I love that Larkin spends his time with each exploding gut and every stripe on the cat’s fur instead.

If it isn’t obvious, Ehmm Theory needs to be picked up the day it comes out. You don’t want to miss this new round coming out from Action Lab’s Danger Zone.

Score: 5/5

Writer: Brockton McKinney Artist: Larkin Ford Colorist: Aimme Hanchey Publisher: Action Lab/Danger Zone Price: $3.99 Release Date: 9/24/14