Review: Ehmm Theory – Everything and Small Doses #4

There is a total shit show on the cover this week. Explosions, bright colors, multiple characters, and some crazy yelling going on everywhere. I love it! Actually I have come to realize that Ehmm Theory itself is just a giant shit show! Maybe it took me longer than most to see this, but the shit show brilliance that Brockton McKinney, Larkin Ford, and Aimme Hanchey create within this comic really makes you think what every other comic is doing? This may be one of my favorite issues. Although not a lot was revealed, it had a lot of funnies. And who doesn’t like some funnies. McKinney has this great way of shoving some balls to the wall action in our faces and then covering it all up with a macaroni nuts joke. Mr. Whispers is the culprit in most of these jokes. I think I finally understand why McKinney gave Gabe a cute cat sidekick; so when Whispers says the most inappropriate things the readers don’t get disgusted but instead love it since it comes from something cute and cuddly. Gabe and Mr. Whispers just really are the cutest team in comics right now.

Ehmm_Theory_V2_4 PROOF-1So like I said before, not a lot is revealed, but instead things come to an action packed explosion. Hence the cover. Mindwolf and Mister Everything are trudging through the snow trying to settle their dispute. Of course Gabe isn’t doing much of anything, but then again his job isn’t taking part in the fighting. Lady Dominika is on her angry warpath and is taking it out on Saint Peter and his fat fingers. There is a lot going on, but the overall story is so intriguing that you jump right on. Again, that makes for awesome storytelling. McKinney makes you enjoy every panel you read.

As for drawing the action scenes, that goes to Larkin Ford. This is what really stood out in #4 for me. We have seen Larkin go there with his action, but this issue took the top spot. I loved the fight scene with Mindwolf. All the flips and slowmo blow ups came across great. Larkin doesn’t focus a lot on backgrounds and it works in Ehmm Theory. The characters shine enough themselves, so you really don’t need a bunch of backsplash. I actually love seeing the emotion each person or animal goes through in comics. Larkin brings the cast to life with these strong emotions. Plus let’s just add the fact that Mr. Whispers is so tiny, yet Larkin still takes time to draw a paw pump (cat version of fist pump) or even give him a sly look in the background. These little details are what make each panel worth the time to look at over and over again. With Larkin is Aimme Hanchey who adds lots of colors. Of course you need this with such a colorful story, you need the actual colors of the comic to match up.

There just isn’t enough good stuff I could say about this series. If you love shit shows and even know a thing or two about shit shows, then pick up Ehmm Theory. It’s got enough good shit to help all of our colons.

Score: 4/5

Writer: Brockton McKinney Artist: Larkin Ford Colorist: Aimee Hanchey Publisher: Action Lab/Danger Zone Price: $3.99 Release Date: 2/11/15 Format: Mini-Series, Print/Digital