Review: Elfquest – The Final Quest #3

At this point, I’m thinking that Wendy and Richard Pini can do no wrong. Elfquest has been around for like ever, well since the late seventies, and the story is still going strong.  This month’s issue was no surprise in keeping that momentum going. Around the third or fourth issue is when it’s that “make it or break it” mode, for me. So I’m genuinely pleased with how the story has been unfolding as Elfquest keeps me on my toes. Last month, we bore witness to Ember’s capture by the cruel Djun. She remains in his clutches as he plots her torture so that he may find the whereabouts of the healer, Mender. Throughout the majority of this issue Ember has her poker face on and no fear in her is present. Ember says that she can leave her body in order for her to feel no pain or fear, but Djun has other plans in store.

ElfQuest - The Final Quest #3 copy 2The rest of the pack is on their way to rescue Ember but it starts off as a slow and perilous flight; now that the Wolfriders have acquired a few children per the request of Khorbas. Teir has a special ability that allows for him to connect with the minds of animals though, so he gets some deer to carry the human children. Their journey quickens, fortunately for their sake as they are in hot pursuit. However, rescue for Ember does not come in this issue, but I hope that it comes before something tragic occurs.

An ability that I love that the elves have is the power to connect with each other even in times of separation. It’s like Skype in their heads.  Separation for the tribe is rough; it takes an actual physical toll on them. I think this adds to the magical energy that Wendy and Richard Pini create in their story.

Elfquest is just one of those stories that you never want to end. It’s so visually pleasing, I would be totally down for a virtual game or even just a tour of the palace. So yet again, Elfquest scores a five out of five.

Score: 5/5

Writers: Wendy and Richard Pini Artist: Wendy Pini Publisher: Dark Horse Comics Price: $3.50 Release Date: 5/28/14 Format: Print/Digital