Review: Elvish #1

During my visit to the Long Beach Comic Expo I happened to come across this comic and I was told it was a cross between Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, which made me a little skeptical since that's a lot of to live up to.

Typically, I'm not too impressed with indie comics, they usually come off as amateur at best but "Elvish" actually has a pretty solid plot and I'm surprised by its potential. I won't say that it is as worthy enough to be compared to the greats like LOTR or HP but it does have its moments. I can see it appealing to fans of Teen Titans. A lot of the artwork has the same kind of feel. I actually liked that a lot and it's one of the first things that catch my attention.

So "Elvish"sets off with this story about good and evil between two great elven warriors, Galan and Dakath. They end up perishing in dragon fire but they were to be reincarnated thousands of years later. That's when we are transported to present day to a class room in the middle of a heated discussion about heroes. One student enlightens the class on how there are no real heroes and no one does anything without some kind of gain. Another student upset by this speaks up with a contrasting philosophy. Later these students are kidnapped to fulfill the reincarnation prophecy.

Elvish CoverAlthough I was pleased with "Elvish," I felt like I was confused a bit on what kind of audience it was trying to reach out to. I typically don't comment too much on this but I was getting the feeling it was aimed at the 11- 14 age group; hence, the Teen Titans vibe and teenage characters but some of the language made it seem like it would be better fitted for adult comic readers. I also noticed some typos which is was a little off-putting. Something I find too often in indie comics is the lack of compelling character personalities. So I hope that over the course of the series the characters will begin to develop.

I will say that it did end on a cliffhanger so I am definitely interested enough to go for the second issue. I found that there was a pretty good balance of information, background story, and plot. First issues sometimes seem a little rough with information overload and I get lost in all the introductory chaos but "Elvish" pulls it off well. I'm always looking for good elven plots so overall I'm very pleased with this one.

Score: 4/5

Writer: Johnny Parker II
Pencils: Wade Velasquez
Inks: Mikey Cossin
Publisher: Neat-O Comics
Price: $4.99

You'll be able to pick up the book online soon, but in the meantime Johnny Parker will be appearing at the following locations with the comic: