Review: Emily and the Strangers: Breaking The Record #3

Emily and the Strangers: Breaking the Record concludes with an uplifting message about rock n roll and fighting the power! Things were headed down a dark road of cat labor exploitation when the gangs founds out a shady record label is actually a front for something a little more sinister. This month we get to see how Emily’s plan unfolds which will lead to the evitable demise of Awesomely Awesome. So going into this I was feeling a little apprehensive since last month’s issue felt short for me. I guess I gotta accept that Emily the Strange comics has never and probably will never really give their characters depth. Emily’s personality ranges from apathetic to moody and the other characters are pretty much flat, they just follow Emily’s lead. What I did like though this month is that you get a glimpse of each characters mind. So at least there was that. I know the majority of the audience is probably younger kids so maybe there isn’t a need for these detailed personas and maybe it’s more about sending positive messages or just making it look cool. Either way though it would be nice for Emily the Strange to catch on to the character develop bandwagon as we are starting to see more of it in children’s shows and/or literature.

24099I don’t want to spoil too much of the ending even though it is fairly predictable, so lemme just give you a general idea of what’s happening this month.  Emily and the Strangers are trying to figure out what Awesomely Awesome is up to and as they suspected the kitties are in real danger. Since Emily is all about cats this puts Awesomely Awesome at the top of her list. Also as they planned they record some ground breaking stuff that will spread the truth. There’s even a little plot twist for ya, just to keep things interesting.

It is pretty cute how things have conspired despite Emily’s resistance. Even stemming from the last arc “Battle of the Bands,” Emily had always done things solo and she’s not much of a people person so she struggled in that arc to let others be involved. Now she’s more open to team work which is a really positive message to send out. Within the first page of this issue, she even calls the bands members her friends. Yay for friendships.

I do really enjoy Emily and the Strangers, there is just so much to look. I love the layering of the background and the detailing of each character’s look.  Cat Farris really stepped up her game for this issue. I’m sorry I ever doubted you, Farris.

Score: 4/5

Writers: Rob Reger and Mariah Huehner Artist: Cat Farris Publisher: Dark Horse Comics Price: $3.99 Release Date: 8/27/14 Format: Mini-Series; Print/Digital