Review: Escape From New York #5

It's a shame Dustin couldn't keep putting up with this monthly dose of awe-full-some? comic. It's like a vaccination shot, gotta have a bit of something bad to fend off the plague. I grew up on Kurt Russell movies, so it's nice to see these comics emerge as it shows me I'm not alone in my love for the source material. Unfortunately, it's my love for the source material that keeps me from liking these comics. Big Trouble is doing okay and if it can get back to how it was in the first few issues then I'll be happy.

Escape-From-New-York-#5This is a mess though. Some panels I have trouble discerning if a character is a generic army guy or Snake. Thank god for that eye patch, as long as he has that his head can be any shape. Even on the close-ups the resemblance to Kurt Russell’s film version is passing at best. At least in the Big Trouble comic the overtly cartoony version looks like the film character.

The story is.... well I could say it's not good and leave it there, but that would hardly make for a good review. It begins with Snake parachuting into Siberia in just his vest top and jeans, handcuffed, because he's hardcore. Then he rides a bear and uses it to bite through the handcuffs. Then a guy in full spike armor (like head to toe spikes) saves him and enlists him, Snake refuses and Spikey knocks him out and carries him to the barracks. Snake has no scratches from being carried by Spikey.

During all this scenes are inter-cut with Snakes past which is so eerily similar it looks like some panels were copy/pasted. Oh and that was only the first half of the book. If you're intrigued then go buy it (or don't because it's not worth it).

There's a really nice variant cover by Joseph Michael Linsner, which almost makes me want to add a point to the review because it's the only thing that made me feel nostalgic (but I won't).

This comic is how fans of the movie would feel if Michael Bay was given the rights to the reboot.

Score: 1/5

Review: Escape From New York #5 Writer: Christopher Sebela Artist: Diego Barreto Publisher: BOOM! Studios Price: $3.99 Format: Ongoing; Print/Digital